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  1. Matt_S

    Zetec Bellhousing

    Ok will do thanks
  2. Matt_S

    Zetec Bellhousing

    Ok thanks, did you use a dirt plate in between?
  3. Matt_S

    Zetec Bellhousing

    Also on the RWD website the hole where the clutch arm comes through and the hole for the clutch cable is not machined is this something you have to do your self?
  4. Matt_S

    Zetec Bellhousing

    The picture shows only four mounting holes, do you have to open up the fifth one or is ok to use just the four?
  5. Hi all, I am taking my zetec engine (blacktop) out later this week to modify the bell housing because it’s rubbing against the footwell chassis. The bellhousing itself is the Sierra cast iron type (so pretty heavy) with a cable clutch on the drivers side and the starter motor on the passenger side and fitted to a type 9 gearbox. My question, before I modify it, is it worth swapping to an aluminium one like this one from Burton Power, has anyone used one of these and is it a direct replacement, I assume the starter motor housing will still need modifying to fit correctly. Thanks Matt
  6. Has anyone got a picture of the modification?
  7. Hi, Looking for a few bits to help with the IVA requirements. Allegro steering column (un-modified) IVA fuel tank protection bar IVA covers for bonnet clips Tunnel & rear bulkhead carpet (preferably black) thanks Matt
  8. Hi, For sale a pair of Weber 45 DCOE 152 (5 progression hole) carburettors fitted with 60mm trumpets purchased in March 2017 from advanced automotive (still have receipt). Also included in the sale is a Mangoletsi twin cable throttle linkage (£85-£95), also a small container of bits & pieces for the carburettors that I was given with the car. I will also include a Malpassi filter king pressure regulator. They were fitted to my new westfield (2.0L Zetec blacktop crate engine) that I bought a few months ago. The car itself was finished last year but never driven. The only use the carburettors had we’re running on the engine in a private garage. Sadly I will not be able to use them due to emission regulations for the IVA that I need to take to be able to register the car. Offering to WSCC community before I advertise anywhere else. The air filter backplate will be removed and is not included in the sale. Asking £550ono Thanks Matt
  9. Quite interesting in their statement on the Furores website that they reckon the dominators are ok for the IVA test 🧐
  10. Hi, Is anybody using a OBP HP fuel pump like this one; http://www.obpltd.com/High-Performance-Fuel-Pump-Bosch-Specification-300LPH-OBPFP300B Thinking of getting one as they seem quite reasonably priced @£79.19 but would like some opinions or recommendations for alternatives. Thanks Matt
  11. As title says looking for any unused/unfitted carbon fibre parts, mainly aero cycle wings, arch protectors, half doors a bonus would be a rear diffuser and front splitter. I have ZK style body work thanks
  12. Matt_S

    New member

    Hi, Just to say hello and a big thank you to a few members I met at Stoneleigh yesterday. I purchased my first westfield a few months ago that I'm currently working on to get it road registered. Thanks again Matt
  13. Hi, Can I have second dibs on these please.
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