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  1. That sounds pretty much in line with what mine did. I'll put a tick against 'normal'! Yeah, a lovely burble when slowing down using the gears. Nothing too flashy, but then, I've no rev counter (and I've no idea if there's a limiter), so I'm not pushing it at the moment.
  2. Yeah, the gauge seems to sway quite happily between empty and a quarter full. Adding only lightness doesn't seem to have added a whole lot of fuel economy, either!
  3. Hi all. I'm a new Westie (SE, 1600) owner. And know now that I've a hundred annoying questions coming up in the coming months. I thought I'd start an 'is this normal for a Xflow' thread, so that any future newbie doesn't have to ask the same silly questions I do. My first daft question. I've just been out for my first proper run (and what a day for it!). A lovely drive and, even though not super quick having no power upgrades, great fun - I get the Xflow sound now! When I arrived, and was finding a parking space, I noticed that the oil pressure was dipping under '20' when idling, after being fairly steady between '30' and '40' while idling and driving when not as warm. Is this pretty normal when up to temperature (around 90-95C)? Picture attached.
  4. I'm after an analogue rev counter. For some reason the previous owner replaced an otherwise complete set of analogue TIM dials with a grim digital rev counter (it has the red line set at a comical 10k, which I can't imagine the xflow enjoying). Does anyone have anything for sale? Doesn't have to be TIM, but it would complete the set if it were!
  5. Thanks Chris - I may never bring myself to break the MR2, it's such a perfect wee car. However, the jump from 80 to 130bhp is hard to resist if the engine is just sitting there unused.
  6. I've recently bought a 1600 Xflow with the 4 speed box - my other car is a Mk1 MR2 with a perfectly healthy 4AGE, but with bodywork that needs attention. Should the worst happen to the MR2, I've had it in mind to keep the 4AGE and all of the gubbins, to go in the Westfield. My question is, can I continue to run with the 4 speed box if I went ahead with the conversion? I do like the 4 speed and I'd like to avoid the expense and hassle of dropping it out if I can.
  7. :D Here's the chap. Arrived with a dead battery, so today was my first quick run around the block.
  8. I received delievery of mine on Sunday - so I'm looking forward to getting along to the next meet-up Glasgow(ish) way. Is there anyone else down 'South' who fancies a run in the meantime?
  9. I'm just going to resurrect the conversation for a couple of last questions... The seller has been very forthcoming and (hopefully) honest about the car. One thing he mentioned is that it has a gel battery, which operates on a lower voltage and therefore can labour a bit to start the engine when cold. Once it's warm it starts fine, apparently. Does this sound reasonable/credible? He's sent me photos of all of the receipts for the rebuild. Obviously quite a bit spent on it. However, the four pistons only cost £120 together. I assume this means they will be cast, rather than forged. Should this put me off? I'm still slightly nervous that an engine with only 1,000 miles on it will have to do another 400 or so on the day it gets me home!
  10. Thanks for your continued thoughts, guys. The seller is checking the receipts from the rebuild to see what pistons etc were installed.
  11. Are the cast pistons standard? The guy had the engine rebuilt in 2012, so he should know what's in there.
  12. Thanks all. My first test for it would be getting it 400 miles up the road back to Glasgow. Then I can start worrying about how many more it'll do. But it's reassuring to hear that they will take some use, I'll just buy shares in Shell to offset the excess power it sweats out...
  13. To be clear...'charisma' is a euphemism for slow, right?
  14. Hi all - I've another Westie viewing booked for next week. It's another 1600 xflow, this time a 4 speed. The engine has been rebuilt a few years ago, and has had around 1,000 miles since. I've seen a few people complaining on other forums about the reliability of the xflow engine, with some rebuilding them every 10,000 miles or so. If only used on the road (no track days) and no crazy power increases, how many miles would you expect to get out of the standard xflow set-up? Cheers!
  15. Thanks Gary - I look forward to meeting the group.
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