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  1. morris, that is really a fantastic & helpfull read.. thank you! i have similar thoughts re the elise.. will join the forum later to be able to contact people via PM. andy
  2. Thank you for the replies, both the two cars presented in this thread look fantastic.. i will move specific questions over to pm.. i have read on more than one occasion about the cockpit being a bit cramped.. being 6ft (slim build) it would be good to know im going to be able to fit. The car would only be used for local sunday & summer evening drives, pretty much what all use the elise for.. although the prospect of of taking it on the track/hillclimb appeals, if the performance was adequate.. if only to dream of club racing in the late 50s in an 11 being essentially home build cars, specifications will differ considerably between builds. so ive been trying to work out what kind of performance the cars would roughly produce based on on power to weight... any one have any specifics?
  3. thank you, i have seen StephenHs one on the for sale board.. sadly it is a little over my budget.. at the moment..
  4. Hi guys, ive hankered after an x1 for many years, vintage racing, cars, & simplicity engineering has interested me since as long as i can remember.. i first became aware of x1 through top gera a few years back... it raced a porsche replica? and had one on my desirable wish list since then... i keep seeing lotus 11 at goodwood or at car shows and its really just egging me on.... ive stalked this forum for too long to mention, have looked at all the x1 that came to sale, over the last 2 years or so.. i nearly pulled the trigger on the black one currently for sale by mole valley cars when it was significantly cheaper at giles automotive a coupe of years back.. also i tried to buy the one recently sold at paul matty but they never returned my calls so it put me off a bit to chase them... i currently have a 2001 lovely s2 elise and a 2010 evora. im now thinking perhaps i should realise my dream.. purchase an x1, i would need to offload 1 to make it happen.. i know i can sell the elise very quickly as its unige and totally mint.. the evora whilst immaculate is in the price range it would best to go via a dealer via sor.. if the right car cam along i could buy then sell (or not but may = no wife) one or the other ive priced up to build one form scratch, but ive previously done the classic car rebuild thing, and i just dont have the current time allowance, with running a business, so im far more at this life stage to acquiring one that i can maintain mod etc or an unfinished project?? .. budget wise i guess looking at what has sold and asking what for over the last few years i was thinking 16 -18k... any advice from the forum? or of ones for sale in my price bracket?
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