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    Hi everyone, first post so here goes. Back in the late sixties me and a mate were Mini owners with the obligatory go faster black and white checker tape and a Union Jack. We would often go to Castle Combe to watch the Minis racing, Richard Cooper would be there and also the Lotus Sevens which we would dribble over and dream of ownership one day. Then along came the ladies followed by the kids and all the Lotus dreams went on the back burner, until now. Being in the throws of retirement (67) and looking for something to occupy my days I decided to look at Caterhams and was all set to buy one when a client of mine said he had a Westy in the garage collecting dust if I wanted to have a look, well I did, said Westy was built in 2010 and had 1107 on the clock (not a typo) , It's a SEIW powered by a 2L Duratec, he also has another one, the same but supercharged which he uses for track days. Being able to see through the dust and the grime I could see tremendous potential. Every year it was tested and serviced for the just in case days which rarely come along, so I've bought it and picked it up on Dec 1. The first thing I did was to drive to my trusted mechanic (in the rain) to give it the once over apart from new exhaust manifold gasket and replacing all the perished rubber hoses from the fuel tank he gave it a clean bill of health and considered it a steal. As I am not going to be a sunny day driver it have to have the creature comforts which are perfect and we have managed to put 250 miles on the clock, the response from straightening the right foot is fabulous and it is such a joy (will have to get some silicone around the bottom of the screen though) the best thing of all is that my wife enjoys being a passenger and driving it almost as much as me so it's happy days all round. I live in GL5 if there is any like minded owners close by. Hopefully I will cross paths with some of you during the coming months and will join my local branch in January.
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