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  1. Hello from Milton Keynes
  2. Looks much better after a quick clean up. After reading this it confirms my choice of buying one ready built, good luck getting on the road I'm sure there will be plenty of advice and support on the forum.
  3. It was the £5.50 postal cost for what they claim is a 2kg package! Its probably more a 100grams tbh.
  4. I'd be grateful Lee as I'm only after the pin, grommets are glued in so not moving anywhere. Pm me with price and postal cost etc. Regards Mark
  5. I'm looking for a bonnet pin as one of mine has parted company with my bonnet today. Don't fancy paying the rip off Westfield parts department prices tbh. Anywhere i can get just the single pin?
  6. I had to trim them up to fit properly, due to a slightly different thickness of material on both sides of the bonnet. Glued them in with Gorilla glue.
  7. Just ordered one of these kits.
  8. I bought these they do the job spot on.
  9. I looked for one at the show but no luck. Ordered one on ebay when i got home, hopefully its ok.
  10. Going to monitor the weather tonight and make a final decision in the morning. Oil dropped this morning and everything checked..as far as i could see, so just weather dependent.
  11. The weather is one factor the other is i have my son this weekend..and her in doors wants to come as well! 🙄 Will let you know if we take the tin top option as it would be no problem to take your tyres.
  12. Cheers that sounds great much appreciated. Oil change tomorrow and fingers crossed that cures the rattling tappetts.🤔 Then some decent weather on Sunday..or its a tin top for us. ☀️
  13. Your not far, 😃 waiting to see what the weather is like before making a positive decision on what car to take. Many more of us about around these parts?
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