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  1. Ricky444

    Westfield 1000cbrr

    Hope this helps folks going across to lift an Arion S2 race car so could meet to save boat costs cheers Richard
  2. Ricky444

    Westfield 1000cbrr

    Hi Folks Thinking of selling my Westfield 1000cbrr car it's not road registered but wants for nothing and all work done by Andy at AB performance .Car is located in N.ireland but only 10 mins from port would make some car for hills and sprints or racing.pm for full details and better pictures etc. 1000cbrr engine 2009 Wilwood 4 pots front Westfield 2 pot rears with handbrake Full cage Tillet b6 seats Paddle shift on power commander 5 with flat shift upwards and flipper downshift Quaife reverse kit and Quaife diff unit Best of everything Pm for price Thanks for looking Richard
  3. Ricky444

    Hill climb megabusa

    Yes slicks only started this game last year and ran old Toyo r888s
  4. Hi Folks What is best slick to buy car is to be used for hills sprints only on 13 inch rims in class 7 N.ireland Currently 185/60/13 fronts 205/60/13 rears Is there much difference between Toyos and Avon Thanks in advance
  5. Ricky444

    Westfield hi-spec front and rear calipers

    Are these still for sale if so pm me please
  6. Ricky444

    Quaife reverse gearbox

    Hi Folks How reliable are these gearboxes in a 1000cbrr kitcar mainly used for racing and hills.
  7. Ricky444

    Ignition switch barrel wiring diagram?

    It's only used for hills and sprints so don't want hassle of a key and not allowed steering lock
  8. Ricky444

    Ignition switch barrel wiring diagram?

    So given I want to remove the ignition switch and change it to a push button starter and a switch to switch stuff on what do I connect to what buying a small panel from McGill motorsport
  9. Ricky444

    Pedal box

  10. Ricky444

    Pedal box

    Oops my current car has a single master cylinder and a separate reverse one for thehayabusa clutch looking to fit a modular type so as to set brakes up with bias bar
  11. Ricky444

    Pedal box

    Hi Folks Want to change my Hayabusa kitcar to one with pedal box as car is going to be used mainly for Hills and sprints What is good unit to buy due to fact of hydraulic clutch and what to watch out for Thanks in advance
  12. Ricky444

    Willwood front brakes

    Hi Folks looking to upgrade my m16 calipers to 4 pot Willwood or equivalent to suit Westfield alloy uprights and a single disc Pm details to myself Thanks Richard
  13. Ricky444

    Westfield Megabusa **SOLD**

    Next year's new Hillclimb car
  14. Ricky444

    Westfield Megabusa **SOLD**

    Hi could you pm me a contact number please Cheers Richard

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