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  1. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    I'll let you know when they arrive. Didn't turn up today so it will. Be Thursday at the earliest now. Weekend away next so it'll be a while before I get to install them
  2. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Morning all. I went for the duramat tiles in the end.. They had an offer on this week and went for blue and white check for a bit of colour. (I'm going to regret the whit but they were cheaper than grey and I didn't want black). If I'm lucky they will arrive today. I've got the dilemma of do I stay in and wait and it not showing up or risk venturing out and missing the delivery. Toybox have 2 v8s that I'm waiting for the spec on. I've also got a load of work on the house to get sorted which may delay the purchase unless one comes up that the mrs and I fall in love with. Photos of garage when tiles arrive will be done. I know you all like that sort of thing.
  3. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Thanks everyone. I considered those tiles back when I first did the garage and I'm still tempted. If I can keep the cost sensible then it would make a good weekend project and would level the floor out a bit. What do you do about spills? Are you able to pull a few tiles up in the middle to mop up? Or do you have to work from an edge. I've been known to spill tea on more than one occasion and I don't like the idea of it going all manky under the tiles. Oh, and oil n stuff too. I've spent far too long this week looking at little plastic squares.
  4. Interesting. If I were to do it, I would be paying a professional. There is no way I'd try that myself. It sounds like it's doable, but for the cost it would really have to be a car that needed it done, which would be reflected in the sale price. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the help.
  5. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    These are what I was looking at before. Would cost about 500 to do the entire garage. Which at first felt a lot but on reflection isn't quite so bad. Don't really need to do the entire garage floor but doing it partially feels a wasted opportunity. I quite fancy the idea of mixing up the colours a bit.
  6. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    How grippy are these on the floor? If I laid out enough to park a car on with a suitable border to work on do you think it would hold or would it move around?
  7. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    I had a look at the some garage floor tiles when I bought the house and it was going to cost a silly amount to do the entire area. What may work is to tile the area that will hold the car only. This would also mark a boundary of sorts in the garage for the car. I'll look into this as I could end up making a giant skate rather than a nice bit of flooring.
  8. I'm sure this has been asked before but is a respray a valid option when looking at westfields? Talking to a friend he mentioned grp which has the colour pigment through it which suggests a respray may not be ideal. I only ask as a lot of the cars that have the kind of spec/price I'm after are black and I've had 3 black cars and a black motorbike, with black leathers and a black lid(it's become a bit of a joke with my friends) the westfield needs to have some colour. =)
  9. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Initially? What did you change it to? Full wall to wall luxury carpet with underfloor heating? I'll have a think about something soft on the floor. For the bike I used to throw down an old duvets/sheet or whatever I could find and work on that.
  10. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Not sure about tips but I can tell you how it went for for me. I started with the great idea that I could just wizz round with a big roller and it would be looking great in a few hours.... Err no. The roller was next to useless and it was supposed to be a masonry one. In the end I binned it and bought a big brush and did it that way. Took the best part of a day but the results were worth it. Just used the cheapest white paint from bnq. 9.99 for 10l or something. Probably used 20 litres. It was not a fun job but it really does make a difference. As for the floor, mines concrete and really dusty. I borrowed the hoover and after sweeping it as clean as possible I ran around with the hoover to try get as much dust as I could. I then put down some concrete sealer/primer (I forget what it's called) once that had cured I put 2 coats of floor paint down. (I'd have to look up what I bought, ronseal from memory) 1 thing I do remember is that I had 2 tins and I mixed them based on some feedback from another forum. Glad I did as the colour difference was huge between them. (my floor is a rather fetching green). I tried the roller trick again. It'd have been fine if the floor was smooth. Mines not. It's lumpy. So back to the brush to get the job done right. Back breaking but I managed almost 3 coats (went over the more traffic heavy areas with what I had left) and it's only flaked in a few places in the last 5 years.
  11. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Got a link? I've seen some but as the lift itself is directly under the vehicle I wondered how good they actually were for the money.
  12. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    Ceiling was boarded by previous owner (pretty badly but it does) and I put boards in the loft space so I have more storage up there.
  13. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    I'm going to buy first. I'd love to build one but I want to experience owning one first. What to do about flooing. Can I just put a good mat or something down where the car is going to be?
  14. Ruttager

    Readying the Garage

    I'm renovating the garage in preparation for a westy purchase in the next few months. The garage is a single skin detached double. When I bought the house the first thing I did, whilst it was empty, was prime and paint the floor and gave the walls a coat of white paint(god that took ages). I sorted out decent lighting and a heavy duty workbench at the back. In the following 5 years it fell into a bit of a dumping ground and has become home to a washing machine, 2 freezers a fridge and numerous pieces of furniture that I've been promised are going to be up cycled. There is also my woodworking tools such as a table saw, router table and vac. So, a lot of stuff to sort out. The washing machine and freezer will be sold though the big fridge freezer stays. (it holds beer, wine, ice and meat). The furniture has been sorted and not taking up much space on the side wall. I may even use it to sore bits in. If you were setting out a garage for the first time what would you recommend? What do you wish you had more of/less of. Any tools/equipment that are must haves? (I have the normal compressor, torque wrenches, ratchet spanners etc.) any good storage solutions out there? I seem to collect so much stuff it's unreal. I am in the process of getting rid of a lot of it.. Looking for some guidance based on your experiences.
  15. Ruttager

    Hello from the midlands

    Looks like the screen is something I'll have to look into once I've bought something. I've no real issue wearing a lid but it might put me off just jumping in and going for a spin. Especially with the wife in tow. I'd prefer to keep the lids for the bikes. I don't see it being an issue it was just noticeable on that particular car. The others I sat in can't say I noticed.

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