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  1. The ones on mine appear to leak at every connection.
  2. I took the aero screen off my Westfield and went back to the standard one so I don't need to use a crash helmet. I much prefer it this way as I can just jump in and don't have to carry a lid around all the time. However, I don't want to go deaf either. I have a big box of the foam ear plugs for the bike but I find they cut out too much noise and eventually hurt my ears. Is there something out there that takes the edge of the noise whilst maybe keeping my ears warm as well? Also, what the general opinion on eye protection? I've had my fair share of bugs hit me in the face on my bike and they hit hard. Good pair of sunglasses and a spare set with clear lenses?
  3. Ruttager

    Wiper wedges

    Thanks for the pointers I found the right bit in one of the manuals regarding fitting the wipers. I'll stick the standard large one behind and then I'll trim the ones under the fillet to fit. Then I'll silicone it. (Hate the stuff)
  4. Ruttager

    Wiper wedges

    Ah, I did find 3 in the box of spares that came with the car but they were all different sizes. I guess 4 large and I can just trim as required.
  5. Ruttager

    Wiper wedges

    I'm putting the standard screen on the Westfield (1997 sei) replacing the aero screen that I bought it with. I need the 45° wedges for the wiper wheelboxes which I've found here (bottom of the page) https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/search?adv=false&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=Wiper&sid=false&isc=true&orderBy=0 There are 2 sizes, small and large. Do I need 2 of each or 4 the same size? I tried to find some thick rubber hose of the same dimensions but no luck. Also how do the wedges fit? One underneath the skuttle (large one) and the other under the fillet (small one)? Thanks
  6. Ha ha the blue tiles were on offer. I still like them. Just waiting for a bit of nice weather to get out in it properly. Had a bit of fun this weekend and even persuaded the wife to come out for an hour. I'm probably going to put the original screens back on so we drive it without lids. Is a 100 miles to a tank the norm? I think it may be running a little rich. I guess getting it down to Northampton Motorsport for a tune is money well spent. I can find out what power it's actually producing as well. The handling and the ride is absolutely perfect. I genuinely never even considered it would be as comfortable as it is.
  7. Blue and white tiles. Red car. (I know, I know, I'm still sorting out the stuff on the right)
  8. Hi, Did you pick the car up at the weekend? I picked mine up from Swindon and had a very pleasant drive back to Leicester. An hour either side of the time I departed and it would have been a different story. I hope you managed to get it home without too much weather.
  9. Hello, I'm now the owner of @mr_mcp Westfield. Picked it up on Saturday morning and drove it the 100 miles home. Managed to find a gap in the weather Sunday as well and get another hour in the seat. Joel, thanks for taking the extra time to show me round the car. It was great to meet you. Keep us informed on the Ultima build if it goes ahead.
  10. I've stuck it in the calendar. If I own a Westfield this weekend I may very well book a place if there are any left. The track is only 20mins from me. Even if I don't go on track I might pop along and say hi.
  11. Thanks all. It'll certainty be interesting to do tracks that I'm familiar with on the bike. Silverstone was close and I loved going there when I lived in Northampton. Reading some of this thread there are concerns about the long straights? Is that just topping out due to the gear ratios? I'll probably see what's going on in here and tag along to one of the closer track days if that's OK.
  12. I wouldn't discount Mallory I'm just a bit sour about coming off. It got busy on the track as it's fairly short and that doesn't appeal but if it's organised well then that shouldn't be a problem. I'll keep an eye for any good deals. I've got most of the bits such as Jerry cans, from before.
  13. I'll check it out bit it's probably a little too far away. I'd be driving there and back. No trailer. Not even got a towbar to pull a trailer on any of my cars. Yet.
  14. Open pit lane sounds good. Does a westy fuel tank manage a full day or is the odd Jerry can required. I actually ran out of fuel at Silverstone once, embarrassingly, no fuel gauge and I was having so much fun. Luckily I was able to coast up the pit lane so didn't interfere with other riders. Did have to push the bike to the far end of the pit though. It's a looooong walk in leathers on a hot day.
  15. Thanks all, Instruction is very high up on my list. Did some training schools on the bike and it transformed my riding. It was expensive but totally worth it. Any pointers here would be very much appreciated. I'm in the Midlands so my local track is Mallory (fell off on my bike there getting on the throttle too quick out the chicane. Spun my foot round almost 180 and was lucky with only a fracture. It's not the best track on a bike and can't imagine it's much fun in a car.). I love Silverstone but it's going to be £££. I'd love to give donnington a go as well. The downside of the bike days were the absolute idiots it could attract. I'm hoping the car scene has less of that.
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