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    Hi all, I am Bjørnar (plural for Bear). I am 51, live in Ålesund on the (north) west coast. I just got my kit a couple of days ago, but since the rebuilding of my garage is taking FOREVER, the kit is stored in a shipping container at the moment. Hope to have a garage up in a month or so, then another month to do epoxy, setting up the workshop and getting organised. Hope to have the car built by spring. I am not getting winter tires for it, so I will be waiting until spring before finishing and registering. My garage burnt in March while I was in Rio. Inside was a Geländewagen, two racebikes, a Husaberg enduro bike and remnants of a bankrupt Honda workshop I had bought a few years ago. Fully kitted garage with lift, central heater, large compressor, sandblaster, paint booth etc. The good thing is that I am getting a new garage from my insurance, the bad being that for "unregistered motor vehicles and their accessories" there was a CAP of about GBP 3.000. I am about 30 grand in the hole after finding that out. Oh well, life goes on... I am sort of a Mercedes nut, have a 1992 190e 2.6 in Spain, a B250electric, a B180cdi (2012), an A180cdi (2004) and my primary car a 2010 C63 estate. Oh, and a 2008 Crafter 17 cubic for my two race bikes. As mentioned, I am still waiting for my new garage, so I will be loitering and collecting info until then! See ya!

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