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  1. Redescape

    Building my Eleven

    +1 on using a cross flow. Either that or a huyabusa, not much else will fit without a bulge... I had to use a period engine for class regs , so put a 1600 xflow in mine. Using the World Cup engine mounts (I got from burtons) makes fitting the cross flow really easy. (And easy to do Engine swaps too)Really the only clearance issues is the rocker cover filler which you must move to the rear - but remember to baffle it really well..Trust me... bad things happen otherwise. I actually sealed mine with a cap and ran a separate breather, after a spectacular oil leak at high G right hand cornering...(see pic of the cap I made which slides into the relocated filler) With twin webers, the manifold likely will need to be remachined to change the angle of the carbs a tad. The front fuel banjo and carb cap is still very close to the hood in any event. You’ll then need the side entry dizzy cap too. Speaking of bad things happening, and poor location of distributors..talk to your Weber expert about sealing the choke vents if you’re racing ... both elevens here have spontaneously combusted due to racing conditions and the inherent dcoe design where high g causes fuel to exit the carbs... and guess where that goes... As for sumps, the beauty with no cross member, you can make a shallow full length winged baffled wet sump, with flappers etc and still hold 5 litres. On 13” rims and Avon acb10’s I had 50mm ground clearance at full droop, for racetracks this was fine ... but I still had a bash plate under it just in case of excursions . I race my car and have had no surge issues at all with the wet sump I made. Dry sump will gain you another 40mm and the ring gear will likely then be the impact point. All lessons hard learned...
  2. Redescape

    Roll bar for Xi

    Noticing some various designs floating around out there, I thought I’d share this for those who have an Eleven and wanting a semi adequate roll over protection , here’s an option I designed and fitted. ‘Obviously wouldn’t help passenger comfort much, but for racing, it met pretty stringent design and compliance regulations down here. Fea showed it would withstand any catastrophe... but ... of course it’s only as strong as what it is welded to, and that remains a debate. ‘Noting that yes I had to cut the rear clamshell and to get the prescribed helmet clearance below the roll bar I had to custom mould a seat. Apparent in the pictures is a departure from the normal rear end design, but that’s another topic entirely.

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