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  1. Hi Malcolm, Thanks for the information, I have not moved forward with any replacement save doing the job myself with epoxy glue. Have ordered the pin today so hopefully will be able to get the job done over Easter. Really grateful for the steer. Kind regards Bill
  2. Just wondered if anyone would have tucked away a Westfield modified thrust bearing with 20mm spacer glued on. Obviously now not available from the factory and struggling to find anyone local to me in East Anglia to assist. If anyone can assist will be very grateful and quite willing to pay the price for it. Car has Zetec 2 litre fitted with Zetec clutch and MT75 gearbox. Regards Bill Copland
  3. Hi, If the jack is suitable for Westfield lifting then I will take it please. Would need posting to Norfolk NR14. Regards Bill Copland
  4. Hi, Give me some idea of postage costs to NR14 please. If not too excessive I will be interested. Thanks Bill Copland
  5. Car is post office red so matching colour would be great. However am prepared to paint a good condition lid if needs be. Thanks
  6. Hi, Ref the tyres would you be happy to hang on to them until April if I buy them from you? I am currently wintering abroard and could not collect until the early part of April. I could pay straight into your bank account via internet banking if convenient, only if the purchase is feasible of course. Thanks. Regards Bill Copland
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