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  1. Hi all, im after a 3 piece steering column for my Westfield seiW with zetec 2.0L with standard ford intake manifold thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm currently building a westfield seiw with a 2.0L blacktop engine. i have the engine in but i have come to count a ford standard intake manifold and its fouling on the intake. i cannot move the steering column lower as it then fouls on the chassis near the steering rack. If anyone could shed some light or has any ideas it would be great. thanks James :D
  3. @Valey80it’s me collecting on behalf of brad stone. Cheers
  4. hi mate, I live in Redditch, whats the best price you'd take for them? need to check fitment sizes tomorrow
  5. Hi , As per title, After starter motor for MT75 to Zetec 2.0L thanks
  6. Im after the best place to buy a kit for my 2,0L blacktop engine for my SEIW. I have rad,expansion bottle, just in need best place to get all the hoses etc. Thanks James
  7. As per title. After pin to align the clutch in my 2.0L zetec thanks
  8. Hi all as title suggests after dust plate between zetec and mt75 gearbox. Exhaust side starter thanks
  9. its for a build which never got finished. the tank has a vent on it so would need a sealed filler cap
  10. engine is 2.0L zetec with standard ford fuel injection rail.
  11. Hi all, I'm after a fuel cap and filler neck for my west field SEIW, whats for sale thanks
  12. Hi all. Im after a set of bonnet catches for my seiW Thanks james
  13. Hi im after an ecu and engine look for my 2.0L zetec for my Westfield seiw Struggling to get my head around the wiring side of the build so need something which is plus and play preferably. or Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks james
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