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  1. Thanks both for your advise I did get in touch with Mike at Ferriday who has confirmed that is a standard 1600 sump. have ordered a replacement and will get this modified so drawing should come in handy. Engine is running fuel injection and has a significant misfire under hard acceleration, any thoughts thinking either timing or air fuel mix?
  2. Hi, having recently purchased a Westfield after a little advise. I have a leak from the sump which appears to have been bodged and would assume caused by a pothole with the sump running so low to the ground. My thoughts are to shorten the sump to provide greater ground clearance. The car has a 2 litre Ferriday Engineering CVH engine fitted, but would anybody know what is the correct sump for this and is their likely to be any issue in cutting a replacement sump as a direct replacement. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Paul
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