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  1. tr3m5

    Warwickshire Area meeting, Thursday Sept 20th

    Thanks Ali, have booked Friday PM off work so if the weather is ok I’ll be there with my camera, here’s one I took back at Rockingham some years back
  2. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Got it all plumbed back together with new stat, ran a flush through and then drained and filled with antifreeze mix all ready for the Warwickshire Pub meet....only to find the expansion cap is knackered now To be fair this one was my mistake - I cleaned the tank with white spirit and stupidly got some in the cap, pretty sure this perished the seal so need to grab a new one, ah well I did confirm the temp gauge is now working and as suggested it takes forever to get warm, only way was to partially blank the rad....time to order a Mondeo hose and make up a new bypass then! Progress none the less
  3. Clearing out the loft... Crossflow and CVH Manuals £10 posted each Open offers on the rest.. Happy for anyone to collect from Warwick
  4. tr3m5

    15” wheels for sale

    @David tucker I’ve sent you a few messages but no response, are you still able to meet meSaturday with the wheels? Cheers mate
  5. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Thanks guys, Kevin that site is superb, talk about a thorough job! I like the idea of using a chopped Mondeo hose rather than having to buy/make a ‘T’, will have to get one order.
  6. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    The schematic is what is currently on my car, I’m going to see how it behaves with the new stat and flush and if it takes a while warm up I’ll run the bypass into the bottom hose as you suggest, this is what I would say is a ‘normal’ setup, again not sure why WF would do it differently
  7. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Another update - I think I know why the stat failure hasn’t killed the engine... I worked my way through the cooling system last night and subsequently found the schematics, for some reason the stat bypass is plumbed into the rad top hose (by WF design), which means rather than being a true bypass to the bottom hose it is actually a restricted rad flow. Which means the engine out flow always at least partially goes through the rad. Not sure the logic, because this will slow the warm-up but I guess gives some protection in the event of stat failure and probably dampens the stat opening behaviour (so you get less of a sudden temp drop when it opens). Either way in my case I think this has likely saved my engine schematics attached for info
  8. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Thanks Kevin, this stat is marked as 88° so in freshly boiled water (95+)!I would expect it to be significantly open?, I’m pretty confident it’s not been working the fact that the water in the rad was a completely different colour to the header tank, I’ve flushed the rad and no obvious blockages there. I’m going to run the system up tomorrow with no stat fitted at all and then do a coolant flush before I fit the new stat and proper coolant mix Thanks for the tip on the head gasket though, I wasn’t aware of this although as you say should this have been the case I dare say it would not have lasted the 150 mile trip home.
  9. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Yeah exactly, not an ideal installation! I’ve got a very thin NPT nut so I can secure a ring terminal for the ground, should work
  10. tr3m5

    Prospective Westy Owner

    Unfortunately not as lovely as she seems, got a problematic cooling system and damaged camshafts (see my camshaft post) so won’t be driving it to the Falcon on Thursday, will still attend though and will be sure to get her blat-worthy again before the October meet
  11. tr3m5

    Westfield badge

    Thanks guys
  12. tr3m5

    Engine bay cooling - with ducted nose come?

    Cheers Kevin, good point about the other openings
  13. tr3m5

    Engine bay cooling - with ducted nose come?

    No just a standard bonnet mate, car was built with the ducted nose cone as an optional extra from WF. Hi Dave, take a look at my Zetec Camshaft post, I’ve found the cooling issue so hopefully no more camshaft woes, I’m definately going to put the filter through the bonnet, can’t be sucking engine bay hot air/fumes into the engine I’ll chuck a thermocouple under there and see what sort of temps I see before adding any vents. cheers chaps
  14. tr3m5

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Ok guys, I think I’ve found the root cause of the problem... i decided to check the cooling system as the tapping was worse with when hot. first drained the system via the rad, which is where the first surprise came - it was basically fairly clear water (ie no coolant mix) yet the header was full of brown rusty liquid. So this prompted me to remove the stat and test it, and low and behold it only opened a tiny crack in 95deg+ water, which explains why the rad water was clear as it’s not been flowing. I then took a look at the temp sender (temp never goes above 40 on the VDO gauge) submerged in boiling water with a thermocouple it confirmed way under reading, having seen the bodge job the builder did on the sensor ground I switched the wires just to check and hey presto perfectly calibrated temp! So i have a new stat on order and a new sensor (this one is a nightmare to remove/install as you can probably see) I’ve also ordered a new pump and new gasket too as well as hovering out the rad matrix just so know the whole system is tip-top going forward, and finally I’m wiring up a fan over-ride switch. For me this should solve the issue, which I see is hydraulic followers not working properly due to oil temp as a consequence of poor engine cooling, and hence the tappet noise when hot. I have the donor cams/followers to go in next week as unfortunately the Pipers are knackered. The last job I’ll do is install a temp sensor in the sump to keep an eye on bulk oil temp in case of any future cooling issues, fingers crossed the cams are the only victim and once I’ve finished everything keeps working. Thanks again for the help & replies

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