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  1. Paul T


    I’m not too fussy Terry, I will jack the car up tonight and check my current diff though 👍🏻 @Rednop1 - did you get my PM?
  2. Paul T


    Hi guys, looking for a 7 or 7.5” limited slip diff with 100mm lobro-type shaft connections for my SEiW. needs to be in good, serviceable condition. thanks
  3. I may be interested if Andy doesn’t take it mate
  4. Curborough was great, started out as a soggy ride over with a couple of the local guys, but the rain stopped around 10 and he first few of us went out onto a very slippery track for a few laps to get a feel for it. The first thing I noticed was 20psi is too high for a damp track so dropped to 15 which made things a little easier. The track dried of by 11:30 and by that time pretty much everyone had arrived and the lap times came down significantly. We mixed it up after lunch with different track layouts which really made it interesting and had a few laps out in some very nice cars. Nobody had any major issues...other than a few grass cutting incidents and a new member found out his battery was only held on by double sided tape (not any more!). Overall I was really happy with the car, there are a few things I’d like to tweak and added to the longer term jobs list: - Fuelling wasn’t great when hot, hesitating slightly coming out of corners and when blipping through down shifts. - Suspension is too soft especially at the rear - having been out in other’s they were more composed and predictable on corner entry and exit. - Need to sort out the rear tyres rubbing on arches, either change wheel offset, or try adding a degree or so of camber and trimming the arch lip. - Fit an LSD! 😊 really difficult to get a decent pull out of the corners, inside tyre always spinning up. I’ve got another track day in June at Bedford so will probably look at the rear arch clash and possibly an LSD before then. A clip from the afternoon session: I also took my DSLR and got some pics of the other guys if anyone is interested:
  5. I've put all my pics up here, sorry if I missed anyone...will leave them up for a week or so then thrift to leave a few of my favourites. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmcskVKX If anyone wants full size copies of any without watermark let me know👍 @Rusty Nuts@Chris jesson @Martyn Vann - Joint Warwickshire AO @Nick PC
  6. This week my main aim was to prepare the car for my first outing at Curborough by changing the gearbox and diff oil... Draining the MT75 ‘box is straightforward, there is a drain plug at the rear which has a taper seal (no washer) and comes out with a 10mm hex key. The diff however is more complicated as it only has a single fill point so I had to syringe the old oil out - not the quickest as I only have a 60ml syringe!..but did the job. I bought replacement fluids from ECP, MT75 Specific Oil for the ‘box and regular EP90 for the diff...annoyingly both only come in 1 litre or 5 litre containers and I needed 1.2 and 1.25 litres respectively 🤦🏻‍♂️ Refilling the diff is simple but the gearbox is obviously buried in the trans tunnel so I needed a solution to pump the fluid in ideally without buying a pump as I don’t plan on doing this regularly. so I improvised with a pop bottle, bike inner tube and screen washer tubing... basically cut the valve out of the tube, stuck it inside with a dab of sealant and used a bike pump to pressurise the bottle and push the fluid out. Again not the quickest method but allowed me to fill the box from one bottle fill in about 5 mins 👍🏻 I also finally got around to fitting the small form factor LED number plate light I bought from CBS some time ago, I cut the back down by 5mm so that the lens is level with the edge of the plate and used double sided foam to attach it, it’s tiny and super lightweight so should be fine. Top tip when soldering, use a strand of copper cable to wrap the two wires together before soldering, no need for clamps and gives an additional mechanical grip for a stronger soldered joint... Another job this week was to get a can of tyre weld and mount on top of the fuel tank with cable ties, hopefully I’ll never need it but without a spare it’s good to have a backup As in the above pic I have fitted a dip-type fuel sender which is a huge improvement on the float type, the reading is rock steady even in the twistys and much, much easier to install with the welded flange (although I did need to make a cutout in the rear tub to allow easy install/removal) - I did also find out that the dip type sender uses a different range gauge to the float type so I had to grab one of these from Merlin also - because of the variable resistance of these type senders (available in different lengths) there is a little zero-adjustment potentiometer on the side of the gauge which you need to calibrate when you first install. Looking forward for Curborough now, hopefully will get some good footage/pics to share next week
  7. Had an incident with a large speed bump (cliff!) at the weekend...and therefore in my case the RL sump has already paid for itself, had a significant impact with the lower hoop at around 10mph, can confidently say if the old FWD Escort sump had still been on it would have been smashed and the contents applied to the road! 😊👍🏻
  8. As per title, this Is for the float-arm type senders. Perfect working order. £15 posted
  9. I run 2 x RamAir socks on ST with 45’s, they are well clear of touching the bonnet and are cheap?
  10. Yes mate, 2 layers on the front face to give it a softer feel, I put all the details in my rebuild thread. Here’s the seatbelt grommet issue:
  11. First time at Stoneleigh in my own car, loved it 👍🏻
  12. I did my own dash (see my build thread) it’s realty not that difficult...But if you aren’t Keen in DIY I would not recommend Intatrim unfortunately, I had a set of seats made recently and the quality isn’t great, the harness grommets don’t fit properly and Rob didn’t tell me this when I took a day off work to collect them, got them home and was gutted to find they were ~15mm too long, he told me a story about getting a new set from America but never materialised. I also saw a set of embroidered seats he had done for an Australian customer and the embroidered badge was really wonky...steer clear IMO, attention to detail is not there and he doesn’t care about quality sadly 😕.
  13. Had a fantastic day out at Stoneleigh yesterday, was a great feeling to show the car off and the nice comments received makes the cold winter hours in the garage feel worth while, met lots of nice people and saw some great cars, I loved the variety and sheer number of Westies all in one place! Also picked up some bits for the car, thanks to @Rob5 for the new tunnel carpet and @Rory's Dad for the old dominators - which i’ll try my best to give a new lease of life, I also picked up a superb brolly from @Howsafe Workwear and Safety Equipment, the black on white logo looks great and the brolly itself has got to be the highest quality umbrella known to man😁...it’s properly solid! really pleased with my purchases, just need to find the time to fit the carpet this week and and strip the old lights back to see if they can be saved. Looking forward to next year’s show already 👍🏻
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