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  1. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Does anyone recognise......

    I agree, looks like ford oval design, they have a metal spring on the long side usually
  2. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Zetec bottom end

    @griffith500user I’d be very tempted by this. where are you based?
  3. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Hi Chris, I haven’t fitted mine yet but will be doing so once the engine is back together in the next few weeks. However my advice on your questions would be as follows: 1. The cutout below your hand in the 3rd pic is the starter motor position, so based on the pic I’d say you have a sump suited to driver side starter. 2. I’d replace all o rings, plug washers and the sump plug (my sump plug is Pretty worn) 3. The way the instructions read is that the sump volume is 5 litres, which is handy as oil generally comes in 5l containers 4. Definitely new gasket (£5 from Eurocarparts), I personally wouldn’t bother with the Loctite lube, engine oil or Vaseline should work perfectly well. Buy an engine specific RTV sealant, again you can get this from ECP or just look online. 5. For oil temp you can get cheap 1/8 NPT threaded sensors off eBay 0-150DegC (or proper VDO senders from Merlin) then just drill and tap the centre of the bung- also add RTV to this thread to ensure a good seal, although it’s not pressurised so should be fine. 6. I’ve read a lot about the rod bolts being the weak point above 7krpm, so if you can afford them then it can’t be a bad idea, just make sure you fit one at a time so as not to disturb the bearings when you fit them. Hope this helps
  4. Paul T (tr3m5)

    oil from crankcase filter

    PCV just stops too much vacuum (crankcase depression) at closed throttle, you don’t need it with carbs/throttle bodies, but I’d suggest keeping the breather itself and running into a catch tank.
  5. Paul T (tr3m5)

    oil from crankcase filter

    Yes mate, I have the breather and PCV valve as standard, both go to the catch tank which sits under the intake on the offside of the engine bay.
  6. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Silvertop cams

    As far as I know yes, the head is off a 140bhp engine, and they measure 9mm lift. I don't know what the 2.0 cams are, I suspect they're lower lift but maybe someone else can confirm?
  7. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Silvertop cams

    In terms of appearance those cams look like the 130ps cams (pic below is from a spare head I have)
  8. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Silvertop cams

    What do you mean by double rings mate? Do you have a set of calipers? If so measure the lift (difference between base circle and cam height, standard high-output is 9mm (130ps XR3i spec, probably the same as your 2.0l cams), the Mondeo cams are around 7.5mm I think. If you're changing cams make sure you fit new cam seals, RTV on the seal carrier and new bolts on the pulleys (if you're swapping pulleys), you'll need a 5mm plate to lock the cams for timing also
  9. Paul T (tr3m5)

    oil from crankcase filter

    I bought one of these mate, ran both my Zetec breather pipes in and then drilled the top for a vent and fitted a filter (left in photo - right is for sale if you're interested), this way you can catch anything that comes out and keep an eye on it. The cam cover will likely be baffled internally to stop oil 'sloshing' out on hard cornering etc, but obviously these engines aren't designed for our cars so may not be keeping all of the oil at bay especially if the level is high when you're driving hard. But if the engine in breathing heavy (high blowby past piston rings) that may also cause oil pullover through the breather, maybe run a compression check & leakdown if you're concerned and/or it gets worse
  10. Paul T (tr3m5)

    New Carpet Set

    No mate, bike engined cars
  11. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    I saw you yesterday mate, I was there taking photos for a mate, if I’d known another WSCC guy was there I could have got some shots for you, your car looked/sounded great on track
  12. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Willans Harnesses (SOLD)

    Willans 4 point harnesses in black, well used but in perfect working order. Open to offers Based in Warwick but can post at buyer’s cost.
  13. Paul T (tr3m5)

    New Carpet Set

    I bought this set from Terry for my 99 SEiW but they don’t quite fit. They are made for a Megabusa BEC so I assume they’ll fit bike engined cars perfectly. The car they came out of was brand new so as you can imagine the carpets are in fantastic condition. I paid £95 so just looking to get my money back for them. Located in Warwick but can probably post at cost.
  14. Paul T (tr3m5)

    1999 SEiW 1800 Zetec Renovation

    Done a bit more on the car this week and made a decision on what to do with the engine...I’m going to fit a replacement head but leave the bottom end for now, in parallel i’ll source a good bottom end/donor engine to rebuild properly next year. I got a really good deal on a full gasket set from Eurocarparts with thier 37% off weekend deal so it’s a budget fix that will buy me some time and keep the car on the road over the winter for days like today. Should get the work done over the next couple of weeks. In the mean time I have managed to pick up a good, second hand Raceline sump (the guy has another of anyone is after one), it’s off a failed Ginetta race engine so needs a good clean but is in otherwise perfect condition and I think it’s complete(?) - (my current sump I believe is a FWD version and is by far the lowest point on the car). I have also had a go at fitting the new carpets I got, however was gutted to find they don’t fit (will be selling if anyone has a Megablade), it’s a shame as they are in almost perfect condition. Instead I thought I’d have a go at dyeing my original ‘sun bleached’ carpets with the plan to buy/make a new set later on. I used Autoglym spray dye (I have always been a big fan of Autoglym products), it actually worked ok - not perfect but considering how badly damaged the carpets were it is hardly noticeable when fitted now - not bad for £12 While the carpets were out I decided to get rid of the awful carbon gear knob - not only was it not in keeping with the look of the car, it is also a terrible shape for an ‘H’ gate gear shift (IMO the cylinder types are better suited to sequential ‘boxes) and it gave me carbon splinters! I wanted something plain and more spherical so bought a black nylon quaife-type knob from eBay. One issue though is that the MT75 gear stick in my car had an M8 female thread (the carbon knob had a captive male stud inside) and normally gear knobs have a female M10 x 1.5 thread in, as the new one has. So, I cut down the shaft, drill & tapped it M10 and bonded a peice of stainless studding in...sorted. I really like the slightly shorter throw and feel of a spherical knob Finally, I got a set of spigot rings for the Minilites as I was getting a little vibration with the new wheels on, I hadn’t realised they didn’t have any fitted so hopefully this sorts out the wobble, and at least makes them easier to fit. One last addition - I got a really nice indoor car cover from Every Car Covered, I’m really pleased with it - custom fit to the car, elasticated seams for a snug fit and a nice storage case, highly recommended.
  15. Paul T (tr3m5)

    First oil change

    Don’t worry about priming the filter, after you’ve refilled just unplug your ignition module and crank the engine until you get pressure then plug it back in and fire up. Don’t forget all of the moving parts will be still be well coated with oil, it’s not like you dry the engine out when you do an oil change

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