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  1. I bought the vehicle 2 years ago and carried out a complete refurbishment of the vehicle from the chassis up, no expense spared on this project Listed below is a general list of the parts that have been replaced. 1 Refurbished superlite alloys. 2 New front discs and pads. 3 New rear cylinders. 4 New adjustable shocks all round. 5 Refurbished radiator. 6 New water and fuel pumps. 7. Engine rebored. 8 Hardened valves in head. 9 New distributor and electronic ignition. 10 New clutch and pressure plate. 11 Shortened sump. 12 New battery. 13 New windscreen, frame and mirrors 14 New wiper motor 15 New starter motor and alternator I enjoy the challenge of building vehicles so i am looking for my next project. The vehicle is located on the Wirral and I can be contacted on 07817721423 Now sold.
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