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  1. Mark

    7 1/2 WIDE

    Wheel and tyre 7.5 kilo

  2. M@r]{

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Ok thanks, any pictures? Any idea what they weigh? And what width are they? Thanks
  3. Ideally with tyres and 7” wide. If they come with Semi slicks that would be good too
  4. M@r]{

    Garage clearout - Bodywork & Exterior

    Hi could I have the carbon air vent?
  5. M@r]{

    Spare Parts Clearout

    Need the space so just dropped the price on this stuff (original post edited)
  6. Big change in plans with my car so AB Performance are selling my full install. Their ad details below: OK Ladies and Gents - here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come up too often - A chance to get your hands on a complete ZX14R 2015 engine install. We are about to convert this Westfield to comply with a different set of Championship regulations so it’s all about to be removed. At present it is all in situ and can be heard running. For the time being we are advertising it as a complete install package to give people the chance to purchase everything in its entirety, if we do not find a buyer we will then look at selling the individual components So what’s included? 2015 ZX14R engine - later 1441cc engine so 200+ BHP @ rear wheels is on Engine was supplied with less than 1000miles on the clock and has done very little since Engine is built up on AB Performance Billet sump with horizontal and vertical baffle s and incorporates swing gate Engine is fitted with heavy duty clutch springs Prop adaptor is fitted Throttle bodies with Pipercross filter panel Complete original wiring loom and all sensors to run Standard ZX14R clocks 4 pint Accusump unit with mounting feet and all plumbing Oil cooler and all plumbing Oil catch tank and plumbing Complete 4-2-1 exhaust system with silencer Complete carbon effect Westfield dash fitted with oil pressure gauge and innovate AFR gauge Westfield specific engine mounting rails Westfield V8 bonnet in orange modified to accept pipercross panel filter Ford 7 inch 3.14 differential fitted with new Quaife ATB LSD In short everything you need to get one of these monsters up and running and these later 14s pump out massive power and torque The engine package was over £5k originally and with the billet sump retailing at £650 plus vat, the 3.14 diff with atb worth over £1k and all the other install parts this package is an absolute steal at £7k for the whole set up Sale is on behalf of customer so no vat and package will be removed and pallets for client when purchased Shipping can be arranged at cost - now that’s a very special deal that doesn’t come up very often .........
  7. M@r]{

    13 tyres

    Where are you finding "lots" fella? I've got a similar dilemma on right now. I've sourced a set of 13" inch wheels for mine, I'm now wondering whether I should keep my 15's for a set of all weather tyres for use on the road? However if you have found somewhere with a good choice that would be great.
  8. M@r]{

    Car cover. recommend?

    Looks like I'll be ordering one from Hamiltons then
  9. M@r]{

    Car cover. recommend?

    I asked a similar question on Facebook and a few people recommended a Stormforce cover from covermycar. They do look very good and what I really like is you can add options such as security lock, alarm system and additions elasticated edging to help keep it in place.
  10. M@r]{

    Spare Parts Clearout

    Sorry guys, only just logged on and not seen PM’s yet....
  11. M@r]{

    Spare Parts Clearout

    I was given a load of "spares" when I bought my car recently, just wondered if anything is any good to anyone? I've not got much of a clue what this stuff is worth and in all honesty, a lot of the details about them, so therefore there could be some bargains to be had On the other side of the coin if I'm asking to much please let me know: IVA indicators and wiring: £7.50 IVA Wing Mirrors: £20 Megablade engine cradle £75 Brake discs x4 £40 (discs have surface rust but no lip at all, great condition) Calipers and pads two braided lines. £40 Sierra diff (not sure ratio etc, but think its open) £50 Other random bits (see pictures). No idea what they are or worth so feel free to tell me and / or make an offer. For the convenience, if someone wants the lot you can have it all for £150 (headlights in the pictures already sold) Everything is located in Rothwell, Northants. Bigger parts will need collecting.
  12. M@r]{

    Post pictures of your dashboards.....

    Oh yeah, well I'd delete this post but don;t seem to have the option
  13. Thought it would be interesting to see the various layouts, ideas people have had. Unliek most cars we have the option of doing what we like So I think this would be a great thread. Also I'm looking for inspiration
  14. Thanks for the responses guys, seems like it will be a worthwhile purchase. I've already got a Smiths oil pressure gauge so based on the feedback on the ETB ones, I'll keep that one. I've got the gauge on the Accusump that can help me to calibrate it all.
  15. Hey guys Im considering replacing the bike clocks in my Westfield with a set of these. I have a few issues with the clocks, ABS light, traction control, fuel gauge not working, speedo etc. Spoke to AB Performance (super helpful) who suggested this would be the best bet, to get a digital dash of sorts. The car car has a late model, gen3 ZX14 engine and ecu, apparently very difficult to switch these lights off. ECU already has a Woolworths ecu reflash and no luck switching them off. Need to sort for the next mot. Other benefit that appeals with these dash solutions is integrated shift light, oil, temp, water temp etc, so no need to add loads of gauges. i would love to get one of the £2k+ dash solutions but having just bought the car I don’t have that budget! So, anyone else have experience with this particular dash? Any hints, tips, opinions?

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