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  1. What is the internal bed width on this?
  2. M@r]{

    SOLD 13" Rims and new Toyo R888R tyres

    Nice wheels! Any idea how much they weigh?
  3. M@r]{

    Readying the Garage

    Would you mind giving me some tips on painting the garage walls and floor, it’s something I want to do
  4. For Sale: Rad, fan and mounting bracket. Removedwith less than 1500 miles on it. Collection from AB Performance near to Stowmarket. £200
  5. M@r]{

    (SOLD) For Sale: V8 Bonnet - £150

    Sold And no not fixed, was just trying something
  6. M@r]{

    Flared side panels

    Got any pictures? (sorry again for the thread highjack, but it keeps your Wanted ad bumped to the top )
  7. M@r]{

    Flared side panels

    Yeah I'd be doing it mainly for the "looks cool" reason Although the car will be mainly used on track so any additional cooling will be a plus
  8. M@r]{

    Flared side panels

    Sold @Banshee If you end up going for the Carbon NV ones and there's a chance you can get a discount if two sets are ordered, let me know, as it could be something I'd be interested in too. Need to go find some pictures with them fitted now though
  9. SOLD Selling the V8 Bonnet off my Westfield. Makes a great visual upgrade to the standard bonnet and also provides a lot of extra cooling with the big scoop. In good condition but depending on your engine install will need the hole for the filter filling, replacing with another vent or something. A bargain if you’re handy with fibreglass. Will come with clips to hold it down. Will need to be collected. Currently in Stowmarket at AB Performance. Can get it back to my house in the Midlands NN14.
  10. M@r]{

    Flared side panels

    Sorry for the thread highjack, but could I ask what the benefits are with these?
  11. M@r]{

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    Where abouts are you based?
  12. And that's what I'd expect, on smaller cars they look normal and don't immediately stand out. But there is no getting away from the fact it is illegal and you've got no excuse to get out of a ticket if you get a BIB having a bad day. Their argument will be the smaller characters are less able to be read by ANPR. The other thing I've heard quoted on other forums, is plates are supposed to have the details of who made the plate stamped on it somewhere, something you won't get with a non road legal plate. It's just something else the BIB can use to argue against any "I had no idea it was illegal" claims. 10+ years ago I got a ticket through the post as I was caught on an ANPR camera for having a non conforming plate (3/4 plate on my Elise) I was so mad, it had obviously done it's job as they'd identified me, so what was the problem? The notification asked for the name of the driver. So with confirmation that I was driving, I sent a covering letter stating that I was 250 miles away from home, didn't have my log book with me and my standard plate had come off when I hit some debris on the A1. Rather than run miles back down the busy A1 looking for it in the middle of a busy carriageway, I put on my "show plate", better than no plate I thought and would do me until I got home. I then asked, if you're still going to fine me, please advise what you would I should do in that scenario in the future? Surely 3/4 plate is better than no plate? It did it's job? Alternative, sit on the hard shoulder of the A1 waiting to get recovered? Anyway a week or so later the fine come through with no response to my letter. From that day onwards I've never run a plate on my fun cars.
  13. Still technically illegal, but you'd have to get a police officer having a bad day to ticket you for one.
  14. Wow, looks great, good luck with it. If there was a way or driving to the top of the peaks, rather than hiking, I'd probably join you
  15. When it comes to a front plate, there is a good argument to say you're better off with no plate than a smaller / non-conforming plate. I've not run a front plate on my toy cars for probably 10+ years, I've never been done for it. Pulled over 3-4 times and always been given the opportunity to replace the plate that must have dropped off. However you have an illegal plate there is no excuse for that and you'll get ticket (this happened to me with my Elise and is what led me to not bothering with front plates at all!) My driveway a few months ago before the Westy replaced the blue RX7 (although not sure the "plate must have fallen off" play would work if the BIB have driven past on that day! P Officer: "what are you using to stick your plates on with? Spit?"

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