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  1. I’d prefer a high revving NA over a turbo (which is why I was originally originally limiting myself to a BEC) but the only real options are S2000 or an engine with copious amounts of money thrown at it…which could mean huge bills if something goes wrong. I’ve seen a few people comment on the 1.6 Ecoboost running hybrid turbos having very good throttle response and they’re happy to run high power on standard internals. And they’re not shed builtds as SBD sell a package too.
  2. Does anyone know this car? https://www.facebook.com/groups/6231698041/permalink/10155920202768042/?sale_post_id=10155920202768042 Said he would sell a rolling chassis for £8k if I wasn't interested in the engine/gearbox. £8000 vs £15000 for the Duratec one, could get an Ecoboost 1.6 hybrid turbos for the difference!
  3. This one? http://www.plays-kool.co.uk/cgi/sh000101.pl?WD=cage&PN=PlaysKool-FIA-Cage-1359.html#SID=67 Does the chassis need drilling?
  4. Was that in reference to the white 2.0 Ecoboost one? It doesn't have the mounting points so needs the cage welding or the points welding I think to bolt the cage to. Either way, it's £15k and needs another £1000-1500 for a cage.
  5. Bit out of my budget and as Adam says, strong money!
  6. Yeah I spoke to the owner a while ago. Seems a nice car but the cage would need mounts welding to it as it doesn't have them on there. And for £15k I'd be looking for a 100% perfect car as that is top dollar!
  7. Thanks but it's not what I'm looking for unfortunately!
  8. TomS

    Trailer Insurance

    I’ve just insured my M3, trailer and tools via RyanMI under “storage and transport” cover.
  9. TomS

    Dash2, Dash2 pro or AIM MXS?

    Thanks! Very helpful
  10. Yup! There's a car I've been looking at but it has some "small" issues that are quickly totting up in to the thousands! I'm hoping to buy one that is owned by a forum member as I've had previous cars via other forums and always been impressed with the attention to detail real enthusiasts spend on a car.
  11. I've driven Atom's and Caterhams previously so I have some (minor) experience of lightweight cars on track. I guess it's all just a personal preference and from a few other cars I've seen I wouldn't be paying £12k for a 14 year old R1 powered Westfield. All helpful comments though, much appreciated and I hope you, or anyone, doesn't feel that I'm just batting them away
  12. It was due to the personalised plate but I would never rule out a great spec car for that reason alone.
  13. Thanks for the link! I’m looking for a non-Q plate and something with more power/toque as I’m coming from track cars with up to 400hp/tonne. I’ve missed out on a couple so they are d finitely out there, hopefully coming to the end of the year there will be more up for sale soon.
  14. TomS

    New Member in the North West

    Are there any North West BEC specialist garages? I'm struggling to find any within 1 hour of where I am, surely there's a good one in the North West?

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