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  1. TomS

    Trailer Insurance

    I’ve just insured my M3, trailer and tools via RyanMI under “storage and transport” cover.
  2. TomS

    Dash2, Dash2 pro or AIM MXS?

    Thanks! Very helpful
  3. Yup! There's a car I've been looking at but it has some "small" issues that are quickly totting up in to the thousands! I'm hoping to buy one that is owned by a forum member as I've had previous cars via other forums and always been impressed with the attention to detail real enthusiasts spend on a car.
  4. I've driven Atom's and Caterhams previously so I have some (minor) experience of lightweight cars on track. I guess it's all just a personal preference and from a few other cars I've seen I wouldn't be paying £12k for a 14 year old R1 powered Westfield. All helpful comments though, much appreciated and I hope you, or anyone, doesn't feel that I'm just batting them away
  5. It was due to the personalised plate but I would never rule out a great spec car for that reason alone.
  6. Thanks for the link! I’m looking for a non-Q plate and something with more power/toque as I’m coming from track cars with up to 400hp/tonne. I’ve missed out on a couple so they are d finitely out there, hopefully coming to the end of the year there will be more up for sale soon.
  7. TomS

    New Member in the North West

    Are there any North West BEC specialist garages? I'm struggling to find any within 1 hour of where I am, surely there's a good one in the North West?
  8. TomS

    Dash2, Dash2 pro or AIM MXS?

    That is what I had also assumed! The expansion hub had been mentioned but even adding the hub to the dash and GPS module that's still only £1400 which makes another £1000 of sensors and additional wiring.
  9. TomS

    Dash2, Dash2 pro or AIM MXS?

    I have a Vbox on my M3 so I would like lap data but not if it’s silly expensive. I just want a fully working MXS Strada with lap timing but not data logging. I think this can be done with the GPS module but I wasn’t sure if it’s normal to need extra looms, harnesses, sensors etc I was expecting to have to buy the dash, maybe an extra BEC specific harness and sensors but going from £900 to £2500 seemed a lot.
  10. TomS

    Dash2, Dash2 pro or AIM MXS?

    Bringing this thread back from the dead as I didn’t see a point starting a new one. A car I’m looking at has non-working gauges so I was trying to cost up the price of an Aim MXS Strada. I thought the £900 for the dash itself would cover most things but it seems not as I’ve been quoted around £2500 plus fitting. This included CAN explanation, GPS module, sensors, sub-looms and harness. The car is running a ZZR engine and I was looking for a dash with lap timing but not necessarily data logging as I know the “Strada” doesn’t do this. But if a dash is going to cost the best part of £3k I’ll have to rethink things, I had assumed it could be done for half that! Has anyone fitted an Aim dash to a Kawasaki BEC without having to spend that much?
  11. I'm now widening the search to include 1.6 Ecoboost builds. If anyone has something suitable please get in touch!
  12. Looks like everyone is holding on to the good cars then! It's the end of summer soon, you don't need your Westy any more, sell it to me
  13. Does anyone know this car? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Megabusa-Kit-Car-2010/173503896709?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1431.l2649&autorefresh=true
  14. TomS

    New Member in the North West

    Found a nice looking ZZR1400 down in Brighton but as I'm over 275 miles away there's no chance I can view it before buying! Does anyone know a reputable BEC builder close to Brighton that could undertake an inspection on my behalf? Or if any members live down there :D Thanks!

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