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  1. Looking to sell a brand new and unused Schroth HANS device. It retails for £316.08 on Demon Tweeks - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/schroth-shr-evo-fhr-hans-device-1436734/ £250
  2. Would that be a one off or do you have stock? I might also be interested!
  3. So much for getting the new engine last week so I could fit it over the weekend. It was meant to get sent out last Friday, then Monday, then Tuesday…ended up going out on Wednesday for "24-48 hour delivery"…never happened. It seems everyone in the motorsport industry struggles to keep to dates. If I was so slack with my business I wouldn't be getting paid, infuriating.
  4. There's no join or seem on the front but on the rear there does seem to be what I think is fibre tape going between dash and scuttle all the way round. Going to see if I can get some of it off but it's rock hard. Why are things never simple. Still don't understand why you wouldn't just rivet or bolt the dash on in case you had issues with the electrics 😖
  5. Yeah big fat thing with 660hp, good fun but wasn't the cheapest to run on 10+ track days a year 🙈
  6. Thought a photo would make more sense. It looks like the scuttle and dash are one piece, there's no separation of them on the front or back that I see or feel.
  7. My old daily/track car used to to 0-100 in around 5.6s but it weighed 1800kgs Similar speed in an open top will feel absolutely ballistic!
  8. No problem! You'd think with that much outdoor space it would be easy to get a trailer out the gates. I might put road markings down as delivery drivers do the same thing
  9. Does anyone have experience with what seems to be a dashboard bonded to the scuttle? I was hoping to get the dash off to have a quick look at an indicator issue I'm having and to possibly move the Dash2 but it looks like the dashboard is bonded to the scuttle 😖 I assumed people would rivet or possibly bolt the dash on so it could be removed in the future, not permanently fixed to a body panel.
  10. I am indeed running a baffled sump from AB. Good idea, I’ll see if I can get the sump off this weekend. I’m hoping you’re completely wrong about the cradle coming off as it took a while to get the engine out as is, what a wally
  11. It's out! Should be getting the new engine from AB next week. Was more straight forward than I expected but I ended up buying a few sockets and tools that made life easier for putting the new one back in. Lifting the engine out was a bit of hassle as the upper front mount kept jamming against the clutch cover so I ended up rotating the engine to get it out.
  12. Yeah it’s been setup very well too so decent lap times aren’t too difficult…even in my hands
  13. Any advice for getting the prop off? It's the last thing I need to disconnect but I can't get it to move after taking the 4 bolts out of the engine end. Do I need to take the bolts out of the gearbox end too? I thought it would just drop after undoing one end. Update: I just need to put my big boy pants on hit it hard enough with something pointy enough. Off now. Phew. Should hopefully get the engine out next week as @AdamR is kindly letting me borrow his crane.
  14. I've not seen the Laminova cooler, will look in to them this weekend to see if they're suitable. Does it not greatly affect the coolant temps having the coolant pass through the heat exchange with oil which would be hotter than the coolant? Might be opening a can of worms in terms of then having to upgrade the radiator to cope with higher temps from the Laminova? I have the CEC track car covered with an M3 I'm having built, all about weight for this one…or lack thereof
  15. I think I will go down the new cooler route. The cooler on there is a "Mocal 19 row Heavy Duty", do I need the heavy duty version? It seems the only difference is slightly higher pressure rating but it's near double the price.
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