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  1. Is the calendar open for members to add their track days to? Had a quick look on my phone and couldn’t tell if it’s possible.
  2. Is there any sort of calendar or thread where members can see who is going to what track days? There's one on Pistoheads which was always useful to see if anyone else was heading there, would be even better on here
  3. Thought I might as well squeeze another track day in before the end of the month Anyone going? Will be in the Westfield for the very first time…depending on the weather!
  4. Anyone booked on for this track day with MSV? Picked up my first Westfield last week so looking to chew someones ear off
  5. Thought as much, just wanted to check before I knacker the box. Will have to retrain my brain to use the clutch and not just pull a paddle a few times during braking.
  6. How do you shift yours? I know using a QS you can be flat to the floor during upshifts, but what about downshifting? Is it like a DCT/SMG in a car where you can simply brake and drop it down a few gears or do you need to use the clutch for downshifts? The car is running a slipper clutch.
  7. I've got Oulton on 12th March and Donington on 29th March & 15th April otherwise I would've come
  8. I've got something very similar and it's much better than the bike pump and foot pumps I've previously had. I can get on with doing something else instead of getting a sweat on when pumping up the tyres
  9. What's the best pad you can generally fit to a Wilwood Powerlite then? I've run various Pagid pads in the M3 and they're awesome but no doubt overkill on a Westfield.
  10. I'm only in Leigh so feel free to pop by whenever, I could do with making friends with people who have more than the level of knowledge I do (zero ) It's non-road legal so I can't bob over to anyone's or to meets.
  11. Couldn't tell you what calipers, I'll go look later and let you know. I need to get a build thread started as no doubt I'll have a million questions to ask as the world of Westfield/BEC is all new to me.
  12. Thanks! With the brakes, are they never really overworked with such a light car? My M3 is 1300kg and I've gone through a few combos of fluid/pads/discs before settling on something that didn't overheat after 15 minutes on track.
  13. I collected my first Westfield earlier this week and I wanted to change out the fluids before the track season starts. I'm not sure how long the current fluids have been in the car so always nice to start fresh. I'm looking for advice on engine oil, oil filter, brake fluid & even coolant as what I run in my M3 track car is going to be totally different from a BEC…I assume. The car is running a 2009 CBR1000RR with Wilwood 4 pot front brakes. Thanks!
  14. Can you do that for the same price as a tonneau cover though?
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