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  1. HappyDave

    2019 Trackday chat

    I've got the Westfield stainless 6" (with cat) Only chose this one because I could take advantage of the discount they were running at the time. Seems fine and so much quieter I can hear the throttle bodies at last!
  2. HappyDave

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    I'm staying in the area for a week from the Friday before (mini holiday) so will be there on all days with my better half as well. We're happy to help out wherever help is needed.
  3. HappyDave

    2019 Trackday chat

    I'm breaking my Westfield track day cherry at Castle Combe at the end of April and contemplating the CKC Llandow event in mid May. Being in the southwest does somewhat limit the tracks that are easy to get to Thankfully have already changed my silencer to a 6" re-packable due to the original 5" being too loud for my liking. To be honest I can't wait to get out on track!
  4. HappyDave

    Garmin Virb XE Action Camera - SOLD

    You have mail
  5. HappyDave

    Zetec cooling system help

    Yes had same issue with fan coming on even when driving in cold weather. changed my fan switch to an adjustable version then set it using dash gauge and map 4000 readings to check the fan was working effectively. Seems fine now. Kicks in about 100 and off about 95. Yet to test in the summer but as it’s adjustable it can always be tweaked. Apparently the Zetec factory fan switch is 102 degrees so no idea why the one supplied in the full kit with the radiator has such a low setting... Dave
  6. HappyDave

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    @Thrustyjust thanks for finding the black flat wiper blades; I could only find them in chrome
  7. HappyDave

    Silencer with Cat

    Hi Gary I have the 5” westfield exhaust with cat for the Zetec including mounting bracket and heat shield. Came off my car at 1600 miles (I have changed it for a 6” as I found it too loud) PM me if interested. Dave
  8. HappyDave

    Complete Kit Car magazine CKC January 2019

    I would have thought you’d want to frame it! And since when have you been allowing someone called ‘Martin’ to rack up 5000 miles on your car, or is that your stage name?!
  9. @jonjh1964 Cracking pictures, many thanks for putting these up as I couldn't attend. Instead I spent two days fitting insulation in my loft... I need my head looking at!
  10. HappyDave

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    That alternator solution is absolutely superb! And loving that aerospace part (hmmm how can I find an excuse to use one...)
  11. Weather is looking excellent for this Hope to see lots of you there in your Westfields
  12. HappyDave

    4 point harness flaping around when strapped in

    Cracking answer, although I do prefer the pizza option...
  13. HappyDave

    Back again

    Likewise on both counts! and yes we should arrange a meet... And another welcome from Somerset

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