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  1. @jonjh1964 Cracking pictures, many thanks for putting these up as I couldn't attend. Instead I spent two days fitting insulation in my loft... I need my head looking at!
  2. HappyDave

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    That alternator solution is absolutely superb! And loving that aerospace part (hmmm how can I find an excuse to use one...)
  3. Weather is looking excellent for this Hope to see lots of you there in your Westfields
  4. Cracking answer, although I do prefer the pizza option...
  5. HappyDave

    Back again

    Likewise on both counts! and yes we should arrange a meet... And another welcome from Somerset
  6. Hoping to attend especially if my half hood is made/fitted by then :-) Will be good to meet some more club members.
  7. We shall be there! Be aware that Wiscombe parking is in a field and if it is wet or has been raining a lot the day before it does have a tendency to turn into a quagmire! One year we had to be pushed out. All adds to the fun though Likewise re the weather gear at the moment. Planning to get there for 10.
  8. HappyDave

    MSA Roll Bar and Removable Steering Wheel Fitted

    Indeed it is Jon and it’s a much better shape and feel than the standard version. Same diameter though. I got the removable boss complete with steering column as well. You have to mark and drill the wheel to fit it to the boss. Just need a nice bag for the wheel now....
  9. HappyDave

    MSA Roll Bar and Removable Steering Wheel Fitted

    Thanks, I have some grp in white, but perhaps these in cf would actually fit together nicely...!? Test aligning them earlier did show a slight snag in that my long legs necessitate the seat being fully back so the front ‘lip’ of the covers won’t fit over the rear tub return without fouling the seat. Looks like I will have to get handy with the saw/file/luck again, trim the lip and mount the covers slightly rearward; then get funky with the sealant
  10. So I've owned the car less than a month and upgraditis has started already... MSA roll bar was first up, not a job I would like to do again! Certainly it would seem to be simpler if fitting as part of a full build so you could assemble before the body is fitted to make an accurate jig. Anyway, you work with what you've got! A slight frustration was that the rear tub is fitted with a different gap on the off side and this resulted in having to cut into the boot box area, but it all gets covered up nicely so no great issue other than messing with my head when I was trying to measure up! The other issue being that whilst you can measure all day long you cannot predict exactly the angle the bar will finally bolt down onto the chassis... Luckily it all turned out pretty ok. Still to fit the grp covers. Given this is my first time working with grp I’m quite pleased with results. There was a dire moment when first testing the bar position and it got stuck with one bolt plate over the body and one under - tolerances were a little too tight! Suffice to say holding that bar for myself for too long wasn’t going to happen so I had to give it a bit of abuse and luckily nothing snapped.  And I've fitted a removable winter hand warmer, just need to get a furry knob to go with it now... Anyway, a few pictures, including a shot of the two simple yet effective cardboard templates.
  11. HappyDave

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    Ha you’re not wrong! It was like a scene from the fast and furious films in the parking areas near the bottom - one car had a fur covered bonnet
  12. Another new member joins the club (and boosts the Somerset contingent ) I’ve been on the forum for a couple of months, firstly as a voyeur and recently as a full member. I found my car on here, which I collected on Saturday (more below) Firstly though I have to say that my initial findings of the club are a revelation from my former kit car ownership experiences. There is a wealth of information; the website/forum is easy to use and clearly has been well invested in and maintained; the club magazine is as good as a shop bought publication; and the help of other members/committee has already proved invaluable. I hope to be able to contribute in my own small way; and so to start (as I know you all like them) some pictures from my first journey, the trip back from Shropshire – we took the scenic route over eight hours! Loving the car and hope to meet up with some of you soon. Dave
  13. HappyDave

    Newbie introduction, a long long winding road

    Another welcome from Somerset. I'm new as well, picking the car up this Saturday so there will be some more photos to prove another exists!
  14. And the rest - sorry about the quality, as there are so many I've had to shrink them somewhat! I have some higher quality versions if anyone wants one in particular. Dave

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