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  1. hammie

    Wiper fuse

    Correct, but with the engine running your alternator should be providing 14 to 14.5v and therefore a lower current or amperage.
  2. hammie

    Wiper fuse

    Rainex is a good alternative as a back up. I use it normally over the winter to assist on motorways with the HGV spray.
  3. hammie

    Wiper fuse

    Does the wiper motor have the wattage stamped on it. Using power triangle P=IxV. Power is wattage, V is Volts and I is current/amps. So therefore the wattage divided by 12 will give you the current the system should draw. If a ten amp fuse is blowing its suggesting the motor is a. More than 120 w or as previously mentioned a mechanical fault. Is the fuse blowing on initial start as that is when the peak of current is needed to start the motor or during its use?
  4. I sold one to a German guy. Came over with a trailer paid cash and drove away. I'm in contact with my next one when it's finished.
  5. hammie

    JK Composite

    Managed to find a pair of fibreglass seats. Early fitment shows about a 2" drop in my eyeliner and the top of the screen. Happy with that, a lot lighter as well. When I have made the mounts I will weigh the old and new. Thanks for you input.
  6. hammie

    Stuck knob!

    Me too. Just been reading it out load to my partner. Haha.
  7. Hi. I've just watched Dunno video under Abingdon tack day and I can hear a noise similar to yours. Could be worth you watching.
  8. sorry but I can't help with the diagnosis but I used to work for a main dealer and they had a "CHASSIS EAR". It is a set of microphones which you attach around where you think the noise is eminating from and toggle between them. When it's loudest your in the right area. Would moving the camera around in the void and perform the same route on test drive you may be able to track it down definitively. Cheers Jon.
  9. Just a thought. Does it look like fluid is in the bottom of the bleed nipple hole. It looks moist suggesting fluid getting to the outer half of the caliper. How about swapping the bleed nipples from the bottom outer to outside upper and try again. Can you blow through the bleed nipple?
  10. hammie

    JK Composite

    I found an old topic on net with a picture of the steel seat supports. I've done a drawing of the floor as I want it and will get some dims on it over the weekend . Imgoing to taper it up from the front of the foward mount to the crossbar to join the rest of the floor and drop the seat mounts 50mm . I'm just going to do the drivers side for the time being.
  11. hammie


    Hi Dicky Found this on eBay NOS. Good luck with the restoration. I've nearly finished mine. Just gone for a sympathetic recomisioning ATM with second hand parts mostly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-escort-mk1-2-cross-flow-thermostat-housing/173815100824?hash=item28782ff598:g:emkAAOSwHlRbOUT4&redirect=mobile
  12. hammie

    JK Composite

    Thanks all for input. Will think about lowered floor option first. How much does it give you. Thanks Tim for the offer to take a seat but the need is to get below the screen a bit more which an aero won't give me the comparison but I appreciate the offer. Your a gent.
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