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  1. You have lowered the engine now and the carb body is lower than the bonnet line? How much of the hole are your trying to fill Card selection. I would try to find some the same or slightly thinner than the bonnet thickness. Scaffolding sounds a good idea. Use P40 filler as it has fibreglass strands in it. Once the underside is done and your filling key the gel coat top and it shouldn't shrink or crack. Using power tools like belt sander or orbital sander save hours of sanding by hand.
  2. IMHO. Prep is the key. Bevel edge. Lightly grind under side to rough up where your going to apply new matting to give a good key, degrease. Cut a cardboard patch. This will give some depth to filler. If you can encapsulate in vinyl or cover in tape. Coat the underside in wax polish to aid releasing from Matt when finished. Fit in hole and use gaffer tape to secure from top side all around edges and over the top of the cardboard. Matt from underside maybe 2 layers. Second a bit bigger than the first. When resin has gone off remove cardboard. It should leave a lower level from the outside to fill. Iff slightly proud sand down first
  3. What about a stronger spring to put it under a bit more tension or double up with another?
  4. Hi guys Does anyone know of in the south a manufacturer/fabricator. It's non Westy but Jag XJS. Nigh on impossible to find a good second hand one and with higher Ethanol content in fuel will get worse so i am looking to get replacements made. Cheers in advance. Jon
  5. Hi guys As per the title can anyone advise where to get these from to stick to GRP seats. Cheers in advance. Jon
  6. Just to let you know there are a pair on eBay for Buy it Now £250. Too narrow for my wide ar*e but might be suitable for some one here.
  7. That's what I'm getting at. 👍
  8. No. Uppermost as air rises.
  9. Personally I would change the leads as well and get the carbs balanced. Was the plug oily or coked up and wet. Is the tickover lumpy, could have a cam upgrade?
  10. I agree with the above but also to consider, what fuel system are you running. Carbs or injection. Is no 3 getting the right fuelling. Less fuel less bang lower temperature? Is no 3 actually firing as you say it's running rough, misfiring? Plug lead Dizzy cap? Did this just suddenly start or have you noticed over a period of time
  11. Pm sent 're starter motor
  12. Headlights please. Will need posting. Pm sent
  13. hammie

    Ride height

    Adam, which bump stops do you recommend from which model/year Octavia and how much cut off.
  14. hammie

    Ride height

    How do you measure the rate. I have a hydraulic press at work, would measuring the compression to a given PSI be able to be converted.
  15. hammie

    Ride height

    Resurrecting my old issue. Even with reducing the weight, albeit some of it unsprung with 2 fat lads in today I'm still getting rubbage. So I have taken one the rear coils off today. How do you tell the rate of the spring. It's 1.9 and 240mm long. So I'm thinking of a stronger and longer spring as advised previously. And where to get them from. Cheers in advance
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