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  1. hammie

    Brake disc locking tabs

    I waited for these to arrive. Fast delivery and fitment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-Disc-Locking-Tabs-Ford-Escort-MK1-MK2-Capri-Qty4-Stainless-Steel-CMB003-E/271413044522?hash=item3f317a652a:g:2hMAAOxy-WxTD2lk
  2. hammie

    Stainless steel silencer - Price reduced

    I'll have a measure up and come back to you.
  3. hammie

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    And the tube lines up.
  4. hammie

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    Well the box is cut. Tube will be a couple of pieces of ally tube from scaffold tower found at work. FOC More pics to follow
  5. hammie

    Stainless steel silencer - Price reduced

    Keith Is this still for sale. If so could you measure the silencer and overall length.
  6. hammie

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    Any questions, ask away   Wilfman. Can you explain your bonding/filling process. What did you use. Great looking job BTW. I'm all marked up, measured twice etc, just got to pluck up the courage to make the first cut. I used a tile profile gauge and sliding bezel once I found the angle with an inclimometer.
  7. hammie

    Brake disc locking tabs

    Brilliant, just ordered a set. Thanks.
  8. hammie

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    Thanks. Looking for ideas to finish of when I have cut out the sides of the box. All I have to go on is the green monstrosity. Any pictures greatfully viewed.
  9. hammie

    Brake disc locking tabs

    Whilst plucking up courage to cut my new boot box I thought I would replace my front discs. Next problem, the disc locking tabs have corroded away. Does anyone know if Escort/Capri tabs will fit, there's loads on eBay but only a couple of Cortina in Australia or 1 in UK with 7 days left to run. Been to a couple of Motorfactors locally with no joy.
  10. hammie

    Boot box fitting. Will this fit

    IT FITS. Just need to cut it up now.
  11. Morning. I have purchased the black box pictured to replace the old and cut up original. It is a genuine Westfield item but apart from the fact it has the step for a long range tank the green has a diagonal portion behind the roll bar brace. I had some time yesterday so took some photos of the old and noticed the differance. Will this fit before I dismantle.
  12. hammie

    Ride height

    Well, it took 11 turns to get the ride height to 170mm. Fingers crossed that has eliminated the rubbage. I also increased the damping rate by 8 but to firm so backed off 4 clicks
  13. I have a reg number for sale. I took it off my Maserati as it isn't relevant to me. GAZ 4979. I would like £650. It's on retention and ready to go.

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