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  1. hammie

    Exhaust weight.

    The old one is but I'm going to replace it with this which is against my other car.
  2. hammie

    Exhaust weight.

    Am I getting obsessed. I brought an exhaust yesterday on my way to Twickers to replace the silencer on my 2nd Westy below as it's quite rusty and was amazed by how heavy it was so on the scales today. 15.25 lb or 7 kilos. Considering this was off a Caterham superlight I thought it was an overly heavy component. My question is now as bike engines are used has anyone used a bike slip on can in either Titanium or carbon fibre such as Exhaust-Race-End-Can-54mm-inlet-fits-Yamaha-r6-5EB-1998-2001/192713378472?hash=item2cde9ccaa8:g Am I thinking b*locks here, if so be kind to me as I've got man flu.
  3. No worries, was looking at getting a set myself.
  4. Is this any good to you https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Front-Upright-Front-Suspension-RHS-SEIGHT-kitcar-Kit-CAR/332882471085?hash=item4d815768ad
  5. hammie

    SOLD Aero fuel filler cap

    Can you put up a photo of the back of the cap please. Cheers Jon
  6. hammie

    SOLD Aero fuel filler cap

    Doh Got a wanted thread for an aerocap on this site. If everyone else pulls out let me know. jon
  7. hammie

    Crossflow exhaust

    Gary Looks real nice but a bit too much for me at the moment. Good luck with selling it. Cheers Jon
  8. hammie

    Crossflow exhaust

    Have you got a photo and how much are you looking for. It's already registered etc but current system very rusty so looking to brighten up.
  9. hammie

    Crossflow exhaust

    Hi. Silencer and link pipe. Mine are rusty mild steel and I want to improve the looks Cheers
  10. hammie

    Willwood 4 pots or Hi Tech?

    I was going to pose the same question,
  11. hammie

    Crossflow exhaust

    As per the title does anyone have one for sale
  12. hammie

    Crossflow exhaust

    Has this gone yet.
  13. hammie

    Cycle wings

    Do you still have these available. If so would you take £80 inc p&p
  14. hammie

    Aeroscreen and fuel filler

    As per the title I'm looking for a narrow bodied aeroscreen and fuel filler such as the link below. https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=16447
  15. hammie

    Readying the Garage

    I would suggest plenty of lighting and a radio and a seat to work from, I have several differant from the low wheeled to a higher draughtsman type to sit at the workbench. These are all in storage though as i dont have a garage, workbench or vice ATM so very envious . Enjoy the prep and the eventual ownership,

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