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  1. hammie

    New member in Winchester

    Welcome, also in Winchester, just getting a garage a short walk with no power.
  2. hammie

    Sold Spax Gas shocks and springs front and rear.

    I will have them but can you post please. Pm your account details and I will transfer the money. Cheers Jon
  3. hammie

    westfield rear diff id help please

    Hi Lee Are these the same. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Driveshafts-Halfshafts-for-independent-rear-suspension-IRS/183620581747?hash=item2ac0a3b973:g:dQcAAOSwBktcL3LF&redirect=mobile
  4. hammie

    Dashboard illumination

    There called capless bulbs, normally 1.2w and I think there referred to as a 286.
  5. hammie

    Body shop recommendations Winchester

    HAHA. Good job Westfields are fibreglass then.
  6. hammie

    Body shop recommendations Winchester

    Stephen. You are correct sir. The car in 2 and 3 are well underway.
  7. hammie

    Body shop recommendations Winchester

    The lower panels were about 200 for both sides from Jaguar 2 bolts and a couple of spot welds. The car previously has had sills inner sills and strengthen beams already done. Front end in good condition so worth doing especially as they are going up in value.
  8. Peeps I have yet another project to complete. Has anyone got any recommendations for a body shop in the Winchester area within say a 20 to 30 mile radius. I have just brought this for an investment and she needs a tiny bit of paint pic 1 compared to my other one which is ungoing a significant restoration pics 2 and 3
  9. hammie

    Fitting hub to stub axle

    Did you back the hub nut off a little.
  10. hammie

    (SOLD) Pair of cheap race seats

    Available to everyone else who can collect.
  11. hammie

    Exhaust - Anyone want this?

    No worries.
  12. hammie

    Exhaust - Anyone want this?

    TJ Could I have it please. I'm in Winchester so could collect. Cheers Jon
  13. hammie

    Full Cage half hood

    As pm. This isn't suitable for me and is still available
  14. hammie

    Full Cage half hood

    If its for a wide can I have it.

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