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  1. Back in my days as editor of Hot Car magazine, I got invited up to the factory to test drive a prototype twin-turbocharged version of this. It was blisteringly fast, but what I will always remember is that it had a set of analogue gauges installed in place of the 'futuristic' digital dash used on the production versions. When I questioned this, the Aston engineer I was with looked over his shoulder and muttered 'They're f*cking useless – always packing up, so we ditched them for something that works while we're testing the car'.
  2. Neighbours with Alan Millyard? My hero.... For parts for the Honda, go to https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/parts/by-model/
  3. Crossflow. Good man. Photos or it doesn't exist, OK?
  4. Don't know how your ads were presented but generally stuff sells if it's priced right.
  5. Not sure if there's a difference, but is this for narrow or wide chassis? What is the width of the tank? Thanks
  6. Sorry, already paid for...
  7. Can I have the roll bar please? Not sure how to collect or send, but put my name down for it. If you're prepared to tape it together/wrap it up, would make life easier. If worst comes to the worst, may be able to collect it if I go to the NEC in November.
  8. Sure - can't imagine it being any more than a tenner. Let's say £85 posted? Or I'm coming down the M5 on Sunday late afternoon/evening on way back from the Sunday Scramble at Bicester, so could maybe meet up?
  9. Still available. I'll get a photo up today, if I can.
  10. I'll be there, probably in Cayman rather than Westy, but anyone else going?
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