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  1. KeithS

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    Here you go, to save time.
  2. KeithS

    Stainless steel silencer - Price reduced

    Price reduced to £80 + post.
  3. KeithS

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    That is, without doubt, my fave Westfield yet. Call me old-fashioned but it captures the true spirit of what these cars are all about. Love it!
  4. KeithS

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Wow! That's amazing. Well done!
  5. £100 takes them - must go!
  6. KeithS

    UPDATE Watergate Bay Newquay Cornwall hill climb

    I did indeed. You guys with your roof and heater... Sheesh... Terry - yes, short course and the viewing was limited but the main point was being able to establish an event here on closed roads. I think a lot has been learned and things can be built on. A good day out in an area of the country that needs a boost.
  7. KeithS

    UPDATE Watergate Bay Newquay Cornwall hill climb

    Great to meet you Martin, Adge and John... So who was the foolish one who arrived with top down? Oh, wait, that was me!
  8. KeithS

    SEi rear body mounting - how?

    Rivnut gun is at the ready for tomorrow morning...
  9. And you have PM back!
  10. KeithS

    SEi rear body mounting - how?

    I did wonder about fitting threaded inserts and bolting the body like that.
  11. KeithS

    SEi rear body mounting - how?

    OK, guess what I'll be doing Saturday? Thanks!
  12. KeithS

    SEi rear body mounting - how?

    Decided to investigate the rattles and knocks from the rear of my car today. Traced one source of knocking to the bodywork contacting the spare wheel carrier. Temporarily solved that with a rubber sleeve (I'll be getting rid of the spare when I get the body repainted over winter), but while checking that out, I realised the rear of the bodywork was cantilevered out without any support aft of the roll bar, other than the bottom of the boot box against the top of the fuel tank. That can't be right, and that led to the rear of the body rattling up and down against the rear of the chassis. A temporary fix (yes, another one...) has been to insert a couple of dense foam wedges but I can't believe the body shouldn't be secured to the chassis at the back. Looking round, I can see two square(-ish) pieces under the rear, which look like the body ought to (or could) be bolted to them. Am I right in assuming this? Here's a photo from somebody else's build thread (sorry, can't remember who), with an arrow pointing to the part I mean. Is this a body mounting point?
  13. I know it's unlikely, but does anyone have a boot box to fit a narrow-bodied car (SEi)? The original builder of mine must have started trimming it from one side, without thinking about centring the box first, hence its got a thin lip on one side and a fat one on the other. Plus it's horribly trimmed round the roll bar mount... Thanks!
  14. KeithS

    The “People Who Need A Slap” Thread

    Or... my local village pub landlord for even daring to consider putting John Smith's Smooth on tap!

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