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  1. Morris

    XI purchase

    Hi Mark, Many thanks for the invite for me to see your car. I've already arranged to see one this coming week, but given the stage you are at in your build I'm sure I shall contact you at some point to pick your brains! Cheers. Morris.
  2. Morris

    XI purchase

    Hi, I am new to the forum as I am on the verge of buying an XI kit from Westfield. I have arranged to go to the factory at the end of this month to go through the options list, but unfortunately Westfield haven't had a demonstrator for a number of years, although I did drive it when I visited them about 15 years ago! I would therefore really like to have a look at a car before committing myself to an order to see if I still fit etc. as I don't remember how much of a squash it was when I sat in their car. Would there be anyone in the forum who would be willing to show me around their car (before 20th July) so that I can get some pointers prior to visiting the factory (I live in Borehamwood (WD6)). Many thanks. Kind regards. Morris.

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