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  1. markat

    Dashboard illumination

    They're the ones chaps, thanks all, much appreciated
  2. https://www.cornwallmotorfest.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2bU4_TYbdzBS45xxEHtg3nw9tba6cnd9qgTJ_SHalEklB1V66GANu6G7A
  3. markat

    Dashboard illumination

    Cheers Chris, I'll have a measure when I get back, much appreciated.
  4. markat

    Dashboard illumination

    Hi all, My Smiths rev counter illumination packed up last week so I managed to remove the unit and get the bulb out. Anyone got a clue where I can get a replacement bulb please as I can't find one the same anywhere online! Heres hoping
  5. Wow, screamer! Sounds really, really nice.
  6. markat

    Alternative Westie Engines

    Power bulge and a cushion on the seat. Boom!
  7. markat

    Howdy All

    from Okehampton in West Devon, or Soakhampton as it seems to currently be.
  8. markat

    First post

    from West Devon
  9. markat

    Happy Birthday Sparky Mart

    Many happy returns Martin.
  10. markat

    Readying the Garage

    I used an old piece of dining room carpet on my garage floor. Foolishly though, not remembering my driveway seems to be the local cat toilet, without realising I ran through a rather large dollop which then involved 30 mins of carpet and R888 cleaning before Westy could go night-nights. It'll get a boot up the jacksie if I ever catch it.
  11. Saw your car there @AdgeC then I almost got stuck on the wet, grassy slope trying to get out. Some good cars there, was good fun.
  12. markat

    Back again

    Mark. I'm in West Devon so not a million miles away. Up for a meet if it isnt raining (no weather gear) Would be good to get some of us from Devon and the South West together. I know Cornwall area has an active and really friendly group. Cheers Mark.
  13. markat

    Norway member getting started

    Bear, good luck with your build.
  14. markat

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    crikey! Helmets all the way from now on!
  15. markat

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    My wife is always telling me to wear a helmet which I do a lot of the time but on the odd 6 mile commute to work whilst it has been sunny I havent. If I'm going on a dual carriageway or motorway I always do and I make my son wear one wherever we are going. I did get a rather large bee trapped between the top of my sunglasses and the fold of my woolly hat the other week though which wasnt very pleasant and scared me a bit as it was buzzing around in my left eyebrow. Thank heavens I managed to get it off. After the stories above, I think I'm going to take everyones advice (including my wifes, I know I know) and wear mine all the time.

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