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  1. Thanks for the replies, its abit bulky and the gaiter wont go over it so its coming off (not easily) i will see what it looks like but think i will get a neat cover
  2. Does anyone know what handbrake this is and how to remove the handle. And could i use a slimmer nicer looking handle once its removed. Its on a 1999 seiw
  3. One grp seat with sub frame £75 light scratches from use
  4. As title anyone got a spare gathering dust?
  5. Got one of these if your still looking
  6. Ive got a track day at goodwood which unfortunately i cant make its a half day for 105db on 26th april cost £180 will sell for £120
  7. I’ve looked everywhere for some black metal handbrake and gear trim to go around the gaiters with no joy. Anyone know where I can find them.
  8. Took the westie out for the first drive this year, wifey drove first for the first time and loved it, then i drove it back the new seats are much better than the old seats just need to wire up the heated pads. jobs before the summer are change dash to black gear and handbrake gaiters ( does anyone know where you can buy black metal surrounds?) get the tracking setup half hood (ordered) boot cover fix speedo Oh and a good clean!
  9. After speaking to both westfield and soft bits ive ordered a softbits hood, When everything is included the price is very similar but i feel its a more bespoke fit with softbits. Thank you for the advice ive decided to get a hood without the oap access pack , But i might sign up to some yoga classes in order to contort into the car
  10. As title if anyone has one they want to sell let me know thank you
  11. Im looking to get a half hood and have been looking at soft bits for sevens as they are well recommended but the westfield hood is about £50 cheaper by time you facter in the screen channel. Has anyone compared them before? is there much difference in quality? Which is better? does anyone have a half hood they dont use and would like to sell?
  12. Thank you for the quick responses and help.
  13. Brilliant, let me know how much you want for it and would you post?
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