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  1. Selling a msa roll bar or sometimes called half cage this is the type with welded in rear stays and as far as I'm aware approved for hillclimbing etc.. from a seiw £150 collected for stoke on trent
  2. Pm sent re wheel arch protectors
  3. Sounds good to me, dave I've sent you a message about the bar
  4. Still looking if anyone else has one. Needs to be the type with bolt in rear stays
  5. Forgot to mention Sei wide
  6. Looking for a rac roll bar if anyone has one they no longer need
  7. Been on my first track day at goodwood
  8. This is still for sale includes buffet lunch, tea/coffee and cookies. if anyone is interested
  9. Sending pm regarding wiper arms
  10. Im looking for a lightweight waterproof cover for the odd night the car stays out whilst away. Does anyone have a spare/old one they dont use or any recommendations?
  11. Thanks for the replies, its abit bulky and the gaiter wont go over it so its coming off (not easily) i will see what it looks like but think i will get a neat cover
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