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  1. 44mm crabs, they make them big in the Solent :-))
  2. Runs a treat but, I must keep reminding myself that my next purchase is a baffled sump.. G
  3. I have Keihin 44mm crabs on mine I think from GSXR I have 1.9mm on main and 45 on the pilot with 3 washers under the needles. I have a AFR meter running so I know mixture is around 13.4 to 13. 8 on WOT and a little rich at lower end down to 12.6. 1.5 bar fuel pressure. Carbs and manifold from DanST engineering Zetec silver top 2.0 fast road 200hp runs way better on these I previously had Webber's but got fed up with tinkering every couple of days. Gary
  4. If the alloy header tank is available I will have it.. Thanks Gazz
  5. Just starting to think of list... Change rear calipers Bleed brakes Swop out MT 75 box for a less noisy one and then re con for a spare Light weight clutch/flywheel Put team dynamics back on Change fuel and temp gauges Re make wind deflectors Fit rear high level led brake lights May do timing belt and deglaze / re ring..( Just maybe) "Don't worry love it wont cost much" :-))
  6. Were these from Westfield or an alternative supplier ?
  7. I Have these fitting points for my body work, I have drilled and tapped 3 holes in each to 8mm and manufactured some stainless plates to bolt through, sandwiching the body on.
  8. MT75 5 speed gearbox to mate with 2.0 Zetec ( integral bell housing)
  9. Hi Phil I have circa 195hp based on fast road cams Alpha ignition and jetting accordingly. Main 190 (1.9mm) / Pilot 43/ 1 turn out on fuel screw under carb Also I have a KOSO afr gauge to give me constant mixture feedback , with these jets it runs at 13.9% ( 14.2% is optimum ratio) from half to WOT and under that a little rich 12.3% but overall very smooth power delivery and no stalling like the old webbers had on transition. I could change pilot jets to deliver a better reading on the lower end of the carb but cant be bothered.. Rgds Gary
  10. I run a zetec 2.0 with bike carbs (Keihin GSXR 40mm) I sourced the manifold and carbs from DanST engineering Link http://danstengineering.co.uk/ Great service and price OK.. If you need any advice on fitting and jetting etc just PM me Gary
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