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  1. Hadz

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    @MoleThink I am going to use the standard Gold rear clappers. Out of interest do you no the part number for them?
  2. Hadz

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Out of interest guys are you all ruining Hi-Spec on the golf Hubs on the rear or any one running anything different? As struggling to find Wilwood kit for rear on these Hubs as by the reports and review online they have not got the best feed back. @AdamR @IanK (Bagpuss) @maurici @CraigHew @RussH @thebutler @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
  3. Hadz

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Thanks @6carjon that was the answer I was looking for . By any chance have you got the power light calipers on the rear with the Wilwood hand break cables also? Have spoken to hi-spec directly today after I emailed a week ago and still waiting information, still nothing. Think I will stick to Wilwood. Regarding the ring it was a 300Bhp+ Mini on mgf hubs. 260 discs. Extremely fast and hard car to drive, maybe I am a bit hard on the breaks.
  4. Hadz

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Hi @AdamR I'm looking for larger discs for more heat distribution, after laps round Nuremberg Ring the smaller discs seem to heat up a lot quicker and get break fade quite quickly. I do have a heavy right foot on both peddles. But defiantly open to suggestions.
  5. Advice wanted from WSCC & Wilwood break owners. I have been looking at Wilwood brakes. I have been quite a fan of these on my mk2 escort, which has 13inch rims. Now on my WF s2000 Build I'm looking at putting larger rotors on. What is the largest size you can get away with on the 15inch team dynamic wheels? Here are the 2 kits I'm looking at from Wilwood: 310mm https://www.burtonpower.com/brake-kit-ford-cortina-strut-310mm-4-pot-spl4-rdbk2c-l4.html 285mm https://www.burtonpower.com/brake-kit-ford-cortina-strut-285mm-midilite-rdbk1m.html I look forward to your comments.
  6. Hadz

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    Got a little time in the garage this afternoon, so sprayed up the handbrake & ECU panel to prevent rust. As it is not designed for exposure to the outside of the car with no protective coating on.
  7. Hadz

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    @Rich201060 Did Westfield supply these?
  8. Hadz

    Ian K's S2000 build thread

    Love the gear stick ball who manufactures these?
  9. Hadz

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    So had some time of the Christmas period to crack on with the car. So fitted all front brake pipes that a interesting job Battery tray fully sprayed and riveted in the other way round from the WF manual following on from other builds. Hole cut for the steering column. I have noticed some of you guys have spacers is this for any particular reason? Fuel lines all bent around the modified gearbox mount so I did not have any problems later on with the routing of the pipes. ECU tray now drilled and removed ready for prime and will spray tonight and will take some more picture in better light of all the piping.
  10. Hadz

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    So got hold of some wheels, 7j for the front 8j fears thinking of going for toyo r888r.ECU turned up from WF so can start working on the routing of this combined with the car loom. Acid tech primed the battery box as think after a winter the alloy is not going to look very nice..
  11. Hadz

    First post

    Tim, I'm from North Bristol just down the a38 and started my build about 4 months ago. So will be a little while before i will be on the road, but welcome to the WF club.
  12. Hadz

    JK Composite seats

    I'm 5,8 and 11 stone and they recommended N3942. I'm going to order a set up in the new year with the bases and fit OMP rails from demoed tweaks.
  13. Hadz


    Snap!! I got them on the special also and did not think about having 2 sets of keys. Looks like I will be on the phone to Graham tomorrow. What his best number to get him on?
  14. Hadz

    race seats IVA compatible 

    Thanks Gary. Been looking at the JK composites and seem very reasonable, what rails did you use it did you go for the fixed mounts?
  15. Hadz

    race seats IVA compatible 

    Hi all, looking to put a nice set of light weigh race seats in my WF and there seems to be a mass on the market. As it is in the build they will need to be IVA compliant. Please show me your seats and good/bad comments, so I can narrow my search down. (carbon fiber welcome ) Thanks in advance.

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