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  1. Yes we did thanks @BugMan we clamped it in place when fitting the pipes, fingers crossed we got it right
  2. So got in the garage again today before WF picked her up and manged to fit the pipes now the paint has dried. Now onto the engine, wow this is time consuming job cleaning up the block. New gear knob turned up really pleased with the finish. (that carbon addiction has started, Yes we have sealed all the sides with SIka and have decided to go with some normal rattle can heatproof paint thanks @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary for the info. The bushes where pressed at the factory and yes poly flex, we do not have access to a press that easily.
  3. Also started to put together the wishbones and hubs.
  4. Quick update. First time the car has been touched since Christmas. Bent the fuel pipes and drilled off all the p clips. Finished off the long brake pipe, only the 2 small ones aft to do when the car is the right way around. They followed the dentrol path for underside protection, but used a roller instead of spray as you can see in the picture (that is 3 coats). We noticed from your build threads that we were missing the plate for the steering column, so WF will be picking the frame up next week to amend this. The plan is to start on the engine prep, so will order up some engine paint did any one etch prime before spraying the block? Also have found a local company to weld up the baffle.
  5. Hi Si, Are you going to drill out the inside baffle on the rocker cover?
  6. Defiantly following this up grade thread now @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary What sort of power do you think it will produce after the modifications?
  7. Really like the front splitter realy does make it look mean. Is it the carbon NV splitter or what was the company that manufactured it, did you get any more information from the guy you predeceased it off? BTW really like all your airo mods.
  8. Work commitments at the moment but will be free after April
  9. Looks like there is a market for @carbon-nv to make a longer floor pan for the FW rear. So that there is to complete a flat bottom throughout. A full diffuser look great also.
  10. Hi @IanK (Bagpuss) Out of interest does the FW diffuser actually aid down force? As the @carbon-nv rear Diffuser on the normal square tub (zk) modal runs to a flat bottom so would assume creating a vacuum but the FW looks like it could create a wind trap?
  11. @MoleThink I am going to use the standard Gold rear clappers. Out of interest do you no the part number for them?
  12. Out of interest guys are you all ruining Hi-Spec on the golf Hubs on the rear or any one running anything different? As struggling to find Wilwood kit for rear on these Hubs as by the reports and review online they have not got the best feed back. @AdamR @IanK (Bagpuss) @maurici @CraigHew @RussH @thebutler @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
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