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  1. Looking for some advice. Last weekend at Anglesey I noticed my oil temp getting as hot as 130 so I’ve decided to fit a cooler. My engine is a Vauxhall 1600 making just under 200 hp, it’s dry sumped and revs to around 9. Does anybody have an idea what size cooler I need? Does it matter if the cooler is in the return pipe back to the tank, or does it need to be in the oil feed line like a wet sumped car? Any help would be much appreciated Si
  2. Here’s a pic of my toyos and the extremes together. Both 205 60 13 Extremes are more rounded on the edges. Tried them the weekend and they seem good, time will tell through the season.
  3. Yes me and Jez have both got sets for this year. There’s been some good results in other classes. They seem narrow compared to my Toyos, be interesting to see how they perform. Si
  4. I’ve recently covered my car trailer and it hasn’t worked out that expensive, I fabricated the frame from 30x30x3 and 20x20x2 box section and sheeted the front with 0.9mm steel sheet. The frame is bolted to the trailer and without the cover on I can slide the frame off easily. The materials for the frame cost around £120 and I got a local tarpaulin company to make the cover and they charged £250+vat for that. It’s a few hours messing about fabricating but anybody half decent with a welder could knock one up.
  5. I’ve got 4x 185 60 13 and 2x 205 60 13 Toyo R888 sg (soft) compound tyres. Plenty of tread left on them, I’ll sell them all together or any combination. Not sure how much they are worth I’m open to offers. I’ll measure the tread depth if anybody is interested. Also a pair of black minilite style wheels 13x6, they measure the same as my new wheels that are et18 108 pcd, only used as spares, also not sure what they are worth open to offers. Si
  6. I’ve got a pair of new nankang AR1 tyres 235 45 13 Got them about 3 weeks ago to try on the rear of my Westfield but are a bit big. Been fitted on rims but never been driven on, didn’t even lower it off the axle stands open to offers, I paid £260 for them. Simon
  7. Hi Simon, what width Nankang’s did you use? I’ve just fitted a pair of 235 wide on my rear rims to see if they fit under the arches. Si
  8. Class C for me, I’ll be using 1B tyres Be good to see your old car out again Stu.
  9. @maurici @Rogers79 Just booked for the weekend, looking forward to it. Simon
  10. I’ll call him tomorrow and get one ordered thank you
  11. I need to replace my Varley 25, I thought lithium batteries were a lot more expensive. I always start mine first thing with a lead acid helper battery, can you still do this with a lithium main battery? My Varley is probably over 4 years old though! It looks like he keeps 3 different types, which would be the best my 1600 Vauxhall? Simon
  12. Would it be impossible to have 2 target times in the road based classes, one for 1B tyres and one for 1C? How much slower are the 1B tyres? Working on times set in my old car I’d guess about 1sec over a 60sec run maybe not even that. Could the ones who choose to use 1B tyres have some kind of bonus in the scoring to try even it up?
  13. I have been considering entering the championship, but I’m being slightly put off by all this. Nothing to do with headlight size or seats or tyre regs, just the way some people are being. I’d planned to use my car in whatever class it fits into and have some fun doing it.
  14. I must admit I didn’t notice a drop in power when I fitted mine so don’t be put off by that. Mine was blackbird engined
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