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  1. SimonRad

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Would it be impossible to have 2 target times in the road based classes, one for 1B tyres and one for 1C? How much slower are the 1B tyres? Working on times set in my old car I’d guess about 1sec over a 60sec run maybe not even that. Could the ones who choose to use 1B tyres have some kind of bonus in the scoring to try even it up?
  2. SimonRad

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    I have been considering entering the championship, but I’m being slightly put off by all this. Nothing to do with headlight size or seats or tyre regs, just the way some people are being. I’d planned to use my car in whatever class it fits into and have some fun doing it.
  3. SimonRad

    Quaife reverse gearbox

    I must admit I didn’t notice a drop in power when I fitted mine so don’t be put off by that. Mine was blackbird engined
  4. SimonRad

    Quaife reverse gearbox

    I used a Quaife box in my old car, used mainly for hillclimbing so needed reverse for roadgoing class. Never had any trouble with it, like said they are heavy, a bit noisy in reverse and sap a little power.
  5. There has been some great results with the extreme vr2 in other classes this year. I think he’s struggling to get enough interest to do a batch of wider 13” though. Fingers crossed we’ll get the vr2 but if not I might give the AR1s a go
  6. Sorry to bring an old topic up, I’m interested in how you got on with the AR1’s I’ve heard that the fulcrum was putting in some good times at curborough. Simon
  7. SimonRad

    Extreme VR2 1B tyres

  8. SimonRad

    Extreme VR2 1B tyres

    Yes, they are in list 1B Some people have been using them in other classes, I’ve spoken to a few at events and they all say they are good, Richard Brant in his Clio has set new PB’s everywhere, Dave west in his Peugeot says they are as good as the soft Avon zzr and definitely better than R888’s Dan Hollis has tried 185 60 13 front and back on his Caterham and also said they are better than R888’s
  9. Just wondering if anybody else had considered these for the road going classes next year. I’ve been emailing the chap who supplies them, he already stocks 185 60 13 but is hoping to get some 205 60 13 made for March, but it depends on how much interest he gets. It seems the first bigger sized ones will be on old casings, so he is looking for casings and asking for deposits, I’m just unsure if I want to part with any cash and still have no tyres in March. Simon
  10. You were quick in that Stu, be good to see you out in it next year. I’ll enter the Westfield championship next year, should be good fun
  11. SimonRad

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Loving my Westfield, even though I broke it last weekend at Rockingham, spun on Saturday at loton and spent yesterday getting soaked also at loton. Cant wait to get it out again
  12. SimonRad

    Exhaust joint movement - normal?

    I think the more loose joints you have, the less likely it is to get cracks everywhere. My only concern would be if the stay breaks between the silencer and that loose tube, could the tube move up the exhaust and let the silencer drop to the ground
  13. SimonRad

    English axle half shafts

    I think your right, I’ll try again this weekend and try be a bit more gentle off the line. Fingers crossed!
  14. SimonRad

    English axle half shafts

    Just wondering what shafts people are using in English axles, managed to break one today off the start line at Rockingham. Put a bit of a downer on the day, I’ve got some more original ones to get me going again for next weekend, I can’t decide if I need to be splashing out on a heavy duty set. My car is 200bhp I thought in a light car the original escort English axle shafts would take it. Any advice would be great Simon
  15. SimonRad

    Aeroscreen or no screen?

    I’m just wondering what people’s thoughts are on using no windscreen or areoscreen. I’ve found a lot of topics on using windscreens or areoscreens but nothing about using none of them. I quite like having as little as possible blocking my view. I’ll be mostly using the car for sprints and hills so I’d have a helmet on. Do low areoscreens make much difference to no screen? Thanks in advance Simon

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