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  1. The 1st welshman

    Westfield msa half cage

    Hi Is this still for sale ? If so how much thanks k
  2. The 1st welshman


    I have dropped the price on both items and open to offers on theses items .......if no interest I will put on eBay later today.
  3. The 1st welshman


    The offset is 35 as stamped on the wheel
  4. The 1st welshman


    Hi there they are Ford 108 PCD.......with 205 50 15 toyo TR1 i will get offsets later in the week when I can access the wheels thanks
  5. The 1st welshman


    After completing a few winter projects I have for sale some parts Ford M16 front calipers, front discs and rear discs all work perfectly I upgraded - £50 the lot After TSW 7x15inch 5 wheels and centre caps inc tool to remove the centre caps all complete and two Toyo tyres with plenty of life left all wheels are in good nick - £150 or sensible offer let me know if you have any questions .....given the weight of these I would prefer collection. I am based near Chester thanks
  6. The 1st welshman

    Wirrai N/Wales mince pie run

    Hi jeff .....I am going to have to give tomorrow a miss some family stuff to attend to .....however if Sunday goes ahead will try and make that. have a good run. k
  7. The 1st welshman

    Wirrai N/Wales mince pie run

    Oh no ........better pump my tyres up then.
  8. The 1st welshman

    Wirrai N/Wales mince pie run

    Morning jeff ...I will be there on Thursday only some much you can eat and drink. kevin
  9. The 1st welshman

    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 NEW SOLD

    Hi there do you still have a set for sale? thanks kevin
  10. The 1st welshman

    Garage Clearance ..

    Hi there, interested in the wheels any more pics .....also do they use normal wheel nuts or sleeved? thanks kevin
  11. The 1st welshman

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    Ok you should be a salesman ....and breakfast on me
  12. The 1st welshman

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    As long as it’s dry I will see you at the Tudor rose kevin
  13. The 1st welshman

    Where next?

    If you choose Pembrokeshire I know it pretty well as I have a house near st David’s ....There are lots of great places to stay in the area and not expensive......some fantastic roads happy to help organise it. kevin
  14. The 1st welshman

    Wirrai N/Wales. The Flying Scotsman.

    Great pictures .....and a great coffee shop one of my locals. Sorry to have missed it
  15. The 1st welshman

    1st Welshman


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