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  1. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Doesn’t look very unloved from this distance! Lovely car, hope you’re got her sorted
  2. Alan Thorburn

    Upset neighbour

    I have it on my Octy VRS too - makes a very fake Max Power inside the cabin and rattles the trim, whilst outside people are peacefully and blissfully unaware of your F1 fantasises... First thing is did was find the off switch!
  3. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Sadly not - it went last year. Guy reckoned he was going to drive it to Africa - at 15mpg I dont think he’ll have got very far!
  4. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    I wouldn’t bet on it!
  5. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Thanks Andy, much appreciated but unfortunately I definitely won’t be in a position to buy until Winter / Spring next year cheers anyway Alan
  6. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Thanks all for the warm welcome! I’m not looking to buy anything right now, just doing my research for the moment and will be actively looking in the new year, and thanks for all the good advice. I’ll definitely get along to some meets and events to speak to people and see the cars in the flesh.
  7. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Morning all, another Westie Wannabe joining the club and just saying hello. I’ve got a big birthday next year and in traditional MLC fashion I am planning to treat myself to a Westie, so I’m starting my due diligence in good time. I haven’t got the time, skills or budget for a new build so I’m going to be looking at older cars in the £6k-£8k range which, from what I’ve seen so far, seems to give plenty of choice. This will be predominantly a road car, for sunny runs to the pub and Sunday morning blats around the local lanes, so I’m looking for a touring spec with weather gear and a spare wheel rather than anything track focussed. I have the classic BRG / Minilites / Alloy fittings look in mind - something I can persuade SWMBO is a nice classic car to pootle around in, as well as having fun on solo runs! I will also be using it as a “Toad” (ie towed) for my motorhome on European trips, so I’m looking at trailers as well. Performance wise I’m not looking for jaw-dropping numbers - I suspect anything as quick as my daily driver Octy VRS will feel twice as fast anyway - so as far as I can see most engines will fit that bill. There seems to be lots of crossflow cars around in my price range and pintos, with a few Zetecs creeping in. Mazda SDV cars too. I’m not worried by older engines - the Westie will be filling the space in my garage vacated by my old Land Rover 110 V8 that I kept as a weekend toy for 10 years and fully restored, so the garage floor has been well and truly christened by oil leaks and I have a pretty good jump start charger! I have of course thought how nice that rumbling V8 would sound in a Westie, but an SEight doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill for what I have in mind somehow. SWMBO and I are both short-arses so Widebody or not isn’t an issue. One question I do have at this stage - does the old canard about open top cars being cheaper in the winter apply to Westies or is that a myth? If so I will be looking seriously around the end of the year. Keeping a weather eye on here, Piston Heads, Autotrader and Ebay at the moment - is there anywhere else I should be looking? Anyway, in the meantime I will be lurking, following threads avidly and no doubt asking lots of daft questions, so I thought I’d better say hello first! All the best Alan

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