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  1. I fitted the tube back in the block so I know it isn't coming out that joint. If I take the dstick the oil cos out the tube 2.0 pinto Gaz
  2. Pete 2.0 litre ford pinto. 1989 year Gaz
  3. I have oil leaking now from the top of my dipstick. Fitted catch can routed pipe from oil filler into can routed pipe from arrestor side of engine into can fitted filter to top of can (get hazy blue smoke out) cured leak bottom of dipstick holder Any ideas before the show Gaz
  4. Thanks for that Gaz
  5. Paul Thanks for that looks like I’m shopping Tomorrow
  6. I have had my Westfield for 12 months and sorted nearly all leaks except 2. Base of dipstick And out the dipstick hole. i have tried suggestions of Araldite metal putty but they only last a short time. gaz
  7. I have had my 2.0 litre pinto powered westfield 12 months it came with various oil leaks and water leaks. I have fixed most but have a problem the base of the dipstick and put of the dipstick. Any ideas Gaz
  8. I have a small amount of play on my steering wheel . I can pull and push pthe wheel in and out about 10 mm any ideas I cannot see it move in the engine bay Gaz
  9. Welcome from leicestershire
  10. Thankyou for you comments, some thing ill come along
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