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  1. Stephen Osborne

    Stoneleigh discounts

    Coincidence! Was just discussing Stuart Faulkner's car with my son. It looked extremely good at Stoneleigh.
  2. Stephen Osborne

    Stoneleigh discounts

    On Monday afternoon at Stoneleigh we asked Westfield for their best price on a factory built Sport 250. By the time the guy attending to us had ticked a few items appropriate to track use on the options list the price came to an eye watering £36,000. The guy then said they'd do the LSD foc and take 10% off the balance giving a net figure of ~£32,000. This was too much for us, and we spent much of the journey home discussing other cars we could get for £32,000. For example, there was a 2015 Jaguar F Type 380 listed on British Car Auctions' website with a CAP Clean value of ~£32,000; a grade 1 car with FSH. Whilst an F Type is completely different to a Westfield we couldn't help comparing how much car we'd get for our money. If the 'list' price of ~£30,000 for a factory Sport 250 had included items needed for track use, and if that £30,000 had then been discounted to £27,000 at Stoneleigh we'd have been sorely tempted. But that extra £5000 broke the camel's back.
  3. Stephen Osborne

    Stoneleigh discounts

    Many thanks for all of the advice.
  4. Stephen Osborne

    Stoneleigh discounts

    Are the discounts which Westfield offer at Stoneleigh rigourously limited to the show or could they, with a bit of haggling, be achieved at any time of year?
  5. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    Many thanks for that kind offer which I'd like to take advantage of during the Monday morning. Forgive my ignorance......how would I find you please?
  6. Stephen Osborne

    Yorkshire meeting. 1st of May

    Thanks. At what time is your get together please?
  7. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    Very many thanks for all the very helpful and informative responses. Waiting for Stoneleigh with bated breath!
  8. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    .....perhaps should've mentioned that we've also got an S2000 which we've had from new, so we're aware of that engine's characteristics.
  9. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    Many thanks for that sobering perspective. We've got an MX5 based Exocet which we've supercharged to 270bhp / 230lbft but I'd guess that it weighs around 50% more than a Westfield. So I can imagine that over 300bhp in a much lighter car would be, to say the least, a handful.
  10. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    Many thanks for those pointers. Knowing my son and son-in-law the car would be driven very hard on track. Sunday cruising would be an afterthought. I think we've just about the ability and tools to undertake building a kit. Where, please, would you pitch the supercharged S2000 engined Westfield currently on sale by Toybox in the S2000 vs Focus ST debate? Thanks again. Stephen.
  11. Stephen Osborne

    Sport 250

    Hi.....just joined the Club as a potential owner. Apologies if the following question has been done to death but I've read opinions that the S2000 engine is well suited to Westfields and that the Focus ST engine isn't. Has anyone driven a Sport 250 please, and if so what was the verdict? Many thanks. Stephen.
  12. Stephen Osborne

    Yorkshire meeting. 1st of May

    Please forgive my ignorance. Whereabouts is the Fox and Grapes? Thanks. Stephen.

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