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  1. overthehill

    Roll Cage Fitting Advice

    Thanks for everyone's help, I know now what's needed to be done.
  2. overthehill

    Roll Cage Fitting Advice

    Its a Caged Laser one but purchased through Westfield as I thought it should have fitted straight on but now I think that I could have gone to Playskool and saved a few quid
  3. overthehill

    Roll Cage Fitting Advice

    Just bought a full cage from Westfield thinking it would be a easy install but I am stumped already. My chassis has the holes already drilled but how does the short lengths of box section that came with the cage fit, the hole centers are correct for my chassis but there are two angled brackets welded to the middle part box section and they hit the alloy panel before the end holes meet my chassis, am I expected to attack my alloy panels with a hole saw and if I do how do I get to the ends of the new box section pieces to bolt it into the car. Desperate need of help, thanks David
  4. overthehill

    Mirrors for a Roll Cage

    Convex or flat and what size ?
  5. overthehill

    Mirrors for a Roll Cage

    What mirrors are the preferred choice to use with a full cage, thanks
  6. overthehill

    Class F car

    Thank you, car is getting a full cage and I already have a HANS device
  7. overthehill

    Class F car

    Thanks, so out of list 1C what is considered the sprint best tyre.
  8. If my Westfield falls into class F for the speed series what tyres am I allowed to use either in 13" of 15"
  9. overthehill

    Detachable steering wheel for IVA.

    Hi, looking at your car the join between the tunnel panel and tunnel top looks very neat, any chance of some better photos as I need to do the same to mine and want a professional look, also where did you get your rocker switches from they look much nicer than the standard Westfield ones, thanks David
  10. overthehill

    Interior Panel Options

    Photo would be great or a link to where I can buy it, thanks
  11. overthehill

    Interior Panel Options

    Having now fitted a full cage the carpet needs to go so and the bare allie look is not finished enough for me, if I go carbon fiber on the tunnel what is the best way to finish the sharp edge between the side and top panel or do I just get the car trimmed in vinyl which is waterproof. All suggestions appreciated, thanks David
  12. overthehill

    Aero Screen

    So I have decided to fit a full cage and might as well loose the windscreen so who produces the best looking aero screen and how do they fit, any photos would be great. Also as I haven't got a covered trailer does anyone make a cover to go over the cage to protect the car while towing, Thanks David
  13. overthehill

    Roll cage regulations

    Terry you are the first one to put it in English, its the multiplier that's got everyone confused. I think its this bit in the Blue book K1.6.1 (b) or (c) cars over 2000 complying with K3 or K4. Are you able to help with another question, do I need a Nat A Speed licience for mod prods, thanks David
  14. overthehill

    Roll cage regulations

    Sold my race go-kart because of my back and now the rally car so the Westfield needs to take me into retirement, I will ask lots of advice in the next few days and then make a decision on the cage at the end of the week, I think that I could put up with a full cage at the moment but not sure how many years that would last and this will be my last competition car.
  15. overthehill

    Roll cage regulations

    My plan was to start in road going class on list B as I think that with my current licence which is a Nat A Rally that is all I am allowed to do as I believe that I need a Nat A Speed to enter the modified class unless I have got that wrong. I was reluctant to go the full cage as I have issues with my back hence the reason that I have sold my rally car. I do have a HANS device as that rule came into rallying a few years ago.

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