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  1. Terry, I have bought some new Force Racing rims but could do with one more just for track day rubber
  2. 8" x 13" & 10" x 13" with 5" backspace 108 pcd or 8" x 13" & 9 1/2" x 13" with 5" backspace 108 pcd
  3. I also entered the speed series this year, (my first time) and intended to compete in the events that are more southern based as I live on the south coast with maybe the odd away event thrown in but unfortunately I have had issues with the build of my car and so at this moment I can't commit to any events where ever they are. David
  4. I have sent Christoph a email asking what he can supply but haven't had a answer yet, I hope I have the correct email address !
  5. Any other way of contacting him I don't have a facebook account
  6. Looking to source slicks for the sprint series but also need to be able to do track days with the car. Should I buy Crossply or Radial for sprinting and and then what should I get as a track day tyre. Thanks David
  7. Can someone give me a link for Westfield.DE who are in Germany as I believe they supply carbon parts that are not available in the UK, just typing in Westfield.DE into Google doesn't find the right page, thanks David
  8. Thank you, I will put some on all my jerry cans
  9. Only ones I can find are 3.99 each and I have 3 jerry cans
  10. Hi, just had a very quick look at your build diary, your dash switches with the bright faces showing what each one is, can you tell me where to buy some, thanks.
  11. That's a shame thought there would be a few more, I intended to go as it's my local circuit but have had issues with my car and all the work required is not finished. Is it too far south for most ?
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