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  1. @Simon_Jones great newsman’s on position! A cracking start to the series! Really nice to meet you, chat and learn a couple of tips for the 29th April CC track day looming. Fantastic car and nice to see a Westy being pushed to the limits. hope to catch up at some other rounds. regards chris
  2. Great to see some of the locals and not so local WSCC members converge on Castle Coombe to cheer on Simon Jones opening the WSCC Speed Series with a class win! Simon very kindly took some time out in between practice and times runs for a photo and to talk us through his great car - 2.0 Duratec (NMS prepped). Also great to put some faces to names, kick tires, lift bonnets and talk tech stuff. Seeing the SBD 1.6 Ecoboost powered Westy was nice but my wallet was cringing at the cost of that beast! Only 5 weeks until we are back at CC for the PJ Trackday with Costswolds Area on 29 April . Hope to meet more of you all there!
  3. I think we have about 4-5 going from Bristol & Bath WSCC too! Recce tomorrow for Speed Series...
  4. @Simon_Jones It does look like you are going to be well supported! I will bring the WSCC banner/flag a long and we'll have to try and get a group photo to celebrate your WIn.... @Thrustyjust good to have you on board - I too am kids free so taking full advantage of it? @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO are any of your gang coming over? @AdgeC or @jonjh1964 any of your Dorset gang heading up? Chris
  5. Nice one Dave, I'll be flying the WSCC flag at Castle Coombe on 23rd March and also on 29 April so we can chat in around the on-track activity. One to look out for is Weston-Super-Mare car show on the Prom - we could definitely team up and probably get Dorset guys over too? Dates to follow. Chris
  6. Dave, Suspension being done at Track Developments just outside Castle Coombe, Dave there is a bit of a 'Seven' expert... As for Mapping, I'm provisionally booked into DMS Performance over the bridge in wales and JPR Tuning in Yate (New boys v old school) not sure yet? But, as always, open to ideas and suggestions.
  7. That is a very shiny and clean car - lovely and looks ready for the spring/summer too!
  8. Late apologies one and all but delayed getting away from work and just on way back from Reading! Hope you spotted each other and see you on the 23rd at WSCC Speed Series @ Castle Coombe - I'll be the one in WSCC Top and BRG WESTY with WSCC Flag sticking out the top! Chris
  9. Hello Speedsters, Just wondered if any of you competitors are local to the Bristol and Bath area as we are planning to come along for the 23rd March @ Castle Coombe and will always cheer for a local! Thanks Chris
  10. @jonjh1964 and @the stoat Much appreciated for your input. As a follow up do you happen to know what the engine block thread is for the (Zetec) 2nd Engine Block Oil port as ETB offered 12/14mm? I'm planning to do these during my service and would like to order before I drop the oil rather than have to measure then order. I'm going to put the Oil Temp sender into the Sump Plug and then to Oil Temp Gauge on dashboard and Adjustable Oil Pressure Switch into the Engine Block and then to Mega Bright LED at top of dash above steering wheel. REgards Chris
  11. Brilliant, thanks @jonjh1964 and @CrisisWolf, some really good points and tips which I'll take on board. I'm currently ducting in the nose cone to radiator and then have full service planned (inc upgrade to MIntex 1144 pads) for early April and then run-in so to speak. Corner weight and Suspension setup and RR mapping 2nd week of April, run in and DEFINITELY taking it easy as a first for me. I want to enjoy and be able to drive home! Then of course will come the post-track job list... REgards Chris
  12. Awesome, that makes 4 Bristol & Bath Westies on the 29th! Be gentle with me as this is my first Track Day and first outing 'in anger' with the new car...I'll just follow.... I could do with so top tips for Track Day Prep?
  13. Quick update: Called Andrew and discussed with him and Dale (sent photos and video to asist) - Result, he has new wheels ordered and I will pop up for a swap in the next few weeks. Then it is time for a reset of suspension and a corner weight and setup session at Track Developments, Castle Coombe.
  14. That's great at least 2 of us going to Castle Coombe from Bristol & Bath Area with Cotswolds attending too. Might be able to get a decent parade and photo - I'll bring the Banner/Flag!
  15. I most certainly will be popping over for that one - as CKC subscriber its almost too cheap to miss!
  16. Thanks for the heads up, for future reference I am open to ideas to rotate the venue across the Bristol & Bath Area to ensure its fair and even for people to get to? Any ideas for other meet locations? CeeBee
  17. I’ll be doing the same @HappyDave, Out of interest what silencer did you go for?
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