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  1. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Brilliant, thanks @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO I'll follow that up - be nice to venture out on track (for the first time!) with like minded souls. Chris
  2. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Thanks Dave, Don't think I can do the 9/10 Feb Classic show but if there are enough takers we could try to get a pitch and throw up the Flags etc? I will definitely be at the Speed Series on the 23rd! There is also the Weston Super Mare Classic Car show over the Easter Weekend? Thanks for the heads up on other members, I will include them on the distribution list. @franco2141 welcome and don't worry I only got mine in Sep 18! You are more than welcome at any meet up (in a westy or tin top) and don't forget to use the forums to ask those nagging Tech questions? Regards Chris
  3. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    @Newton are you in the Cheddar Gorge area and want to meet up? Please see above, I believe @Wobblyprop is in Cheddar too? Regards Chris
  4. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Hmmm haven't seen one yet but will check again. I aim to rotate the meets where possible to cater for all, so hope to see you soon. Regards Chris
  5. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Thanks Tim, you're alawys welcome if you are passing? A Castle Coombe session is on my list of things to organise - maybe with @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO when they do theirs? I'll keep you posted. Regards
  6. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Watch type thingy

    Also have the bad back issues and use an Apple Watch to track steps/exercise etc and it certainly does encourage you to get up and push on for your daily target. Apple Watch data can now also be read by the NHS and private Doctors etc to assist with diagnosis of exercise levels. However, to echo above - Yoga, Stretching and Warming up are key to recovery and maintenance of the back!
  7. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Ladies and Gents, Further to taking on the role of AO for Bristol and Bath I have made a little progress with a Facebook Page set up and we had a first meeting in Nov but life got in the way of a December meet up. WSCC Bristol And Bath area or @BristolBathAreaWSCC The next Westfield World (WW) article is due in by 10th Feb, so I would really like to get together before then and get some news in from you members that live and breathe Westfields in this area. If you think I’ve missed anyone off the list, then please forward this on or PM me and I’ll pass on the info. To that end please could I beg of you a paragraph (or more if you can including pictures) telling me what you have been up to over the past 3-6-12 months and what your Winter plans are leading into Spring? How are those minor jobs going or is there a major overhaul/upgrade/rebuild that would be of interest or you might need a hand with? I will then pull this into an article to re-launch Bristol & Bath across WSCC and WW. Further to this could I ask for any dates for the diary of Shows to attend as (Visitor/Exhibitor/Group), Track/Sprint/Hill Climbs we could/should be attending and any ideas for Area days out/runs/trips/overseas jaunts etc that would be good to get together for. In due course I would like to get together with our neighbouring Areas such as Somerset/Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire/Cotswolds for some joint fun and maybe to ease the burden of organising events and trips? As well as this I think their is mileage in using the KitNet meets to bolster our efforts in the early days. I have taken delivery of the WSCC Bristol and Bath Area Flag/Banner which can be loaned out to give us a presence at events/shows – just shout! Finally, I’d really like to get a meeting in the diary so here goes… Evenings: Tue 22nd Jan Thur 24th Jan Thur 31st Jan Tue 5th Feb Thur 7th Feb Weekends AM or PM: 19th/20th Jan 2nd/3rd Feb I am open to suggestions for a meeting location or we can revert to The Riverside Inn, Saltford, BS31 3EZ. Regards Chris @ArcenPower @SXRORY @JohnWM2 @lloydox @Master O @wackydo @jeff oakley @spm @CrisisWolf @Barry Ashcroft @DaveM123 @Wobblyprop @timessex @matt_c @djm @Ad Eves @Terzo204 @RobP @mikef @David tucker @Mark Hillier @Nic Surry @Karladams14 @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO
  8. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    rough bodywork for some testing...

    Any V8 Bonnets or Flared side Panels in among this? Not fussed on colour? Regards Chris
  9. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    5 3/4 headlamps, indicator pods

    Deal! I'll PM you for details. Regards Chris
  10. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Garage clear out

    Apologies John, but I am going to have to withdraw my offer for the crane, not possible/practical at present - New Boiler required instead! Good luck with the sale. CeeBee
  11. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Garage clear out

    John, I'll take the crane please. Regards Chris
  12. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    DRL's - where to place them!

    Cheers all, As I am *ahem ‘electrically challenged’ I might try the controller for £6 and see how that goes! Regards
  13. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    DRL's - where to place them!

    @IanK (Bagpuss) @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO Going to follow your lead but wondered if you also need the DRL adaptor? Many thanks CeeBee
  14. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    (SOLD) Pair of cheap race seats

    Second shout if no good for @RussH?
  15. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO


    Yep got the CTEK ms8 and as @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretarythe comfort indicator mounted to the right of steering wheel on dash board. Plus 2m extension for charging lead so easy to plug in when hop out in the garage. Just bought electronic timer to phase the charging over 7 days. Works well all round.

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