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  1. Had a power run with them Sep 18 when I first bought the car and they did a great job and also checked the map for me too, helped with decision not to meddle immediately. i have however just finished a mapping session at InterPro Thornbury and would also thoroughly recommend Dave there, car is running much smoother and he also gave great advice for ‘potential’ future tuning.
  2. Just been notified of this EuroCarParts Easter Sale - various discounts.
  3. Cheers Banshee I'll take it please I'll PM for details etc Chris
  4. If you don't get any takers for the lot would you consider splitting - I would love the Hood Bag?
  5. Safe travels TJ, good to meet you at Castle Coombe. Thanks for support and hope you get your spanner rash again soon! Don't be a stranger at events either. Chris
  6. I’d really be interested in this if you could send a pic please. I have BRG ZK and want upgrade to V8 style.
  7. @Trevturtle any news? Happy to pay the £90 if you don’t want to split?
  8. I asked Patrick from Westfield Parts if they would consider making some shorter pillars to allow quick changes and they are looking onto it?
  9. Hi Trev, I’d really like the pillars - only need these. Happy to give you £50 for those alone? And of course, collect and pay at Stoneleigh.... Cheers Chris
  10. Three weeks until I'm there too! Hoping for a similar improvement.
  11. Hi all, The first Thursday of the month is rapidly approaching, 4th April. As the nights are stretching out I hope to see some more B&B Westys heading out for the meet up? Unless there are any suggestions we'll go for The Riverside Inn, Saltford again 7-9 pm, 4th April - but here's the snag, it's my Daughters birthday so could I ask someone to step up for this month to be the POC at the pub? Can I ask for a shout out from those intending to attend? Regards Chris
  12. I may be studying this IN DEPTH, however I suspect that I will be a country mile away from Simon's time!
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