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  1. CeeBee

    Wind deflector

    These will only reduce wind buffeting with Side Screens fitted or as @TableLeg said it will act as a WINDBRAKE and add drag. In essence they act like a rear window/panel of a tin top and need the side screens to push the sideflow of air beyond the 'Traditional Roll Bar' so that the recirculating air is then drawn away by the overall car aerodynamics/drag as the route into the cabin is blocked by the wind deflector. I am just in the process of getting one made for mine by the Mother-in-Law so will post a photo when done?
  2. CeeBee

    You CAN reinvent the wheel…

    Aye, I think your looking at wearing a Westy a Sport 250 on each corner...before tyres!
  3. CeeBee

    rough bodywork for some testing...

    I’d be interested in he V8 bonnet post Xmas?
  4. CeeBee

    You CAN reinvent the wheel…

    Agreed @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary Working in aerospace and defence these are definitely coming to the fore, but they have yet to prove themselves for durability and also lack repairability. Furthermore the move away from conventional shapes and structures also presents an issue with fitting all these weird and wonderful bits together? But they do have the wow factor and possibly allow for more imagination to become reality?
  5. CeeBee

    You CAN reinvent the wheel…

    Just picked up this article and saw these 3D printed Titanium and Carbon wheels! Does this mean that the ongoing quest for lighter un-sprung mass is about to take a leap far into the future? Maybe so, but not without a significant chunk of your hard earned cash. I would also have to question the longevity of any such wheels on our less than perfect roads – track warriors only I think. http://www.3ders.org/articles/20181115-hre-ge-additive-unveil-first-3d-printed-titanium-wheel.html?utm_content=79981206&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin
  6. Cheers Rob Thanks for the expert tire kicking and throttle blipping from you and Steve. I have added to my list of thinks to ‘understand and adjust’ before I tackle the ‘hmmmmm what if I changed this or that...’ Once again I am reminded of the benefits of building your own car or stripping and rebuilding as I am still finding bits that I don’t know what they are/do - expect more questions/pictures... chris
  7. Well it happened! The rebooted Bristol and Bath area meet started again yesterday with a fine gathering (Thanks Rob and Steve) at The Riverside Inn, Saltford. Introductions and car histories were discussed as well as plans for the winter upgrades. Still working regular meet day/night and Xmas drinks. Any plans for shows and track days welcome too? More to follow regards chris
  8. CeeBee

    Battery Question

    I’ve got one of these and now I’ve replaced my battery it works a treat!
  9. Sorry @Nic Surry i promise to mix up the days and times etc to gather the flock? cheers @Wobblyprop See you there I’ll be in bright red jacket! Rwgards chris
  10. Hi Karl,please come along in any form!
  11. Hi all, apologies for delay in getting a venue. Here goes, Saturday 10th November, 1300 hrs onward at the Riverside Inn, The Shallows, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3EZ. Understanding that the weather is not forecast to be great, TinTops are more than welcome as this is the starter for ten! Please feel free to pass onto others that I may not have included? Looking forward to putting some faces to names and starting to plan some road trips and get a regular meet day/time sorted. Regards Chris
  12. CeeBee

    Show us Your Dash

    A question if I may? How hard is the conversion from analogue Westfield instruments to a DiginDash (apart from the obvious new dashboard) - I have an MBE ECU?
  13. CeeBee

    Westfield Q864 GRN

    Hi Harvey, cant help with the car but please pass on my regards to Martin as I worked with him at RAF Wyton (2002-2004 Eng Pol Reg) when he made the move from classic mini to Westfield and he really inspired me. I loved his plan to reduce the weight of the car by getting the uprights for each wheel machined - aiming to save 1.5 kg from each. His good wife agreed to this £100 as an anniversary present I think. But when the good day arrived he was presented with a bowl of muesli and a diet plan - she was aiming for him to lose the 6kg from his waist and then double it with the new uprights! He did it too! I do hope he is well and hopefully still regaling all with cracking tales of Canberra daring flights! Regards Chris Broster
  14. CeeBee

    Hello from the midlands

    Hello from Bris'ol! Enjoy the fun of browsing and happy to discuss ToyBox pros and cons as I just bought one in Sep! I would agree with taking the opportunity to see as many different types of Westfields and some of the areas to check and ensure are good quality - Andrew will definitely help there and as @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said get out there and talk to the owners too. Good luck
  15. Cheers @AdgeC I hope to drop down on Saturday for a quick wander through. Chris

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