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  1. Thanks chaps must appreciated. I think I might have a go with the EBay specials - daymakers!
  2. I have been using my recently acquired 2012 SEiW as much as possible over the past 2 weeks for commuting and fun (too much of the first and not enough of the latter) and have noticed that the standard fitted Westfield headlights are pretty poor with their output. So, as the nights draw in and I intend to continue using the car as much as possible, I was looking to improve what I can see and what others can see of me too! My options as I see them are: Replace the bulbs with some higher power options (Suggestions as a quick fix?); Convert to LED; Replace the headlight unit: With a better traditional unit With an LED unit With a combined LED/Indicator/DRL unit I did like the Venom HL but reviews have steered me away from them, possible Harley Replacement lights from Fleabay - thoughts? Also, If I was to use a combined unit, are there any restrictions on fitting Driving Lights in place of the current Westfield indicator stalks/pods and again any suggestions?
  3. CeeBee

    Rolling road recommendations

    To add my six penneth to this topic. Based in Bristol and popped in last minute on Friday to JPR tuning in Yate and Jon was excellent. Not only was it a quick power run, but for the £60 he also scanned through all the Map and identified some areas to address at a later date to match the car to my requirements., He also advised that the radiator fan setting was too high at 100degrees and my manual switch was not working too. pretty chuffed with result 173bhp from a 1.8 Zetec black top on jenvey ITB and MBE. Happy with that! www.jpttuning.co.uk
  4. CeeBee

    Hello from a Bristol Newbie

    Oh yes, impromptu Rolling road today and the lovely blast down to in-laws in Yeovil chasing the sun! What Westys are made for.
  5. CeeBee

    Hi guys

    I'm no mechanic, but I suspect that doesn't corner that well.... And that is the cleanest garage I have ever seen!
  6. CeeBee

    Hello from a Bristol Newbie

    Many thanks Tom, I certainly will look up the details and see when I can visit.
  7. CeeBee

    Hello from a Bristol Newbie

    Ha ha nice one Stoat! Not so clean after the run home but now shiny again after some TLC today.
  8. Good evening all, Having been lurking for years and a member since earlier this year, I have finally completed the circle and bought my first Westfield. Many thanks to all those that have answered my questions online or gave me 5 minutes to answer a newbie question at Stoneleigh this year, it all helped... I collected my car on Thursday and went straight on to Blyton for a Westfield Trackday Experience (booked by family before I decided to buy). After a great session on track I set off for the 200 miles home, loving the slower, scenic Fosse Way! So what did I get, I know you guys like a photo - see below.... 2012 SEiW SDV BRG with a 1.8 Zetec Black Top on Jenvey ITB and MBE ecu. It has some other nice bits under the bonnet that I am working my way through to a) Identify and b) Understand what they do - Please be patient with my What is This? Questions. i am not planning any massive upgrades soon, rather use it and learn it’s ins and outs before splashing any (more) money it's way! Oh yes and get out and meet some fellow owners too!
  9. CeeBee

    New member saying Hi..

    Wow that is some nice stuff ngineering there. Thanks for the pictures.
  10. CeeBee

    New member saying Hi..

    Yes please Rob. Much appreciated. chris
  11. CeeBee

    New member saying Hi..

    Thanks Rob, I’m down in Bristol but will travel for quality and price! Cheers
  12. CeeBee

    New member saying Hi..

    Welcome RTRT, nice looking car. I am due to collect my first Westy in a few weeks and I’m looking to upgrade the exhaust soon. Just wondered about yours and the purpose of the springs? Is this to allow easy removal/disassembly? Cheers
  13. Welcome and careful with the to do list in case it becomes Triggers Broom!
  14. CeeBee

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    Hellooooooo from East Bristol!
  15. Hello all, I have just bought my first Westy, due delivery start of September, so keen to meet up with like minded souls. I live and work in North East Bristol (Emerson’s Green/Abbey Wood) and would be happy to take on the Bristol AO at a most basic level to see what support we have for meets and events etc? As a newbie, I would need plenty of ‘whispering in my ear’ to make sure I stay on track so to speak.

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