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  1. Si.Dalziel

    IVA 8th March

    looks like a very fine example
  2. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Thanks for the dedication @Rich201060
  3. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    No problem Patrick like I said I have spoken to Ian but it would seem others have had pipes with the right angle fittings supplied.
  4. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    I spoke to Ian at Westfield and he confirmed they don’t have any other fittings and supplied the images from the factory car with the same fittings as I have. It contradicts other build diaries by the looks of it. Either way I need to know the pipe threads to sort it one way or another.
  5. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Spoke to them they said no to my suprise
  6. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Does anyone know the thread size for the fuel tank and pump connections? due to the newer diff mount the straight out connector doesn’t seem to be the best option. I would like to use a pair of right angle connections but as I’m away from the car I can’t check the thread sizes. I have seen in other builds (I think @BugMan‘s) a pipe with 2 right angles. looking for something like this each end. https://www.amazon.com/Brass-Elbow-Swivel-Rotating-Fitting/dp/B07DR3QBYT
  7. Si.Dalziel

    Crossflow Engine removal

    This is how I did mine The straps are not round the engine but round the mounts
  8. Si.Dalziel

    IVA 19th February ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Congratulations. Thanks to this thread I’m getting some spacers I didn’t even know I was missing too. One day you can spot all the parts I missed along with all the other owner drivers lol
  9. Si.Dalziel

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    Hope to be there on the Saturday and as I will be mid build will probably go crazy buying loads of upgrade bits lol
  10. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    75k so I was expecting worse but it’s all looking like it’s been pretty well looked after.
  11. Si.Dalziel

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Got plenty of orange bits for comparison next to the blue. Shame it’s not all assembled or I could have parked it next to yours. one day though!
  12. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    It’s been a while but I finally managed to get a few hours to finish putting the bottom of the engine back together. one added bonus from selling lots of S2000 parts was a lot of the other owners like to talk about their cars. One poor chap had his engine fail through loss of lubrication. Not exactly sure why but something to do with oil pickup or pump failure resulting in some ruined bearings. He kindly sent me plenty of pics during the rebuild. Off of the back of this I decided to just check the oil jet bolts were the newer version (Honda recall item) they were of course but as someone had some going cheap I threw some new ones in anyway and gave the jets a blow through. then it was onto checking the shells whilst I had access and they all seem pretty reasonable. after that it was just a case of putting it all back together and fitting the baffled sump ready to flip back the correct way and start the work on the top when I get a chance.
  13. Si.Dalziel

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Wow! can’t wait to see the upgrades. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
  14. Si.Dalziel

    Half Hood Fitting

    Just unwrapped my Westfield one for the first time and found these in there
  15. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yeah they don’t seem the strongest so will look at putting some support in and if they work change for the real McCoy

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