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  1. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Looks like I have one set that’s 362 and another that’s 345
  2. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Decided to put the springs on the shocks but got distracted unpacking them and was expecting them to be the same all round anyway. Came back to it once they are all out of the box to find this. they are clearly different lengths. And confirmed it there is a 5mm difference. any idea which one is which?
  3. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yep there is a gap will have to seal after the paint has dried now and tape the inside joints when I copy @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary and sound/heat proof the inside
  4. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    @AdgeC yeah that makes it a bit clearer. Will have a closer look and seal them up. Thanks
  5. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yes the factory sealed all the panels they fitted
  6. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    mine can of this was more than enough for one good going over underneath and it’s pretty cheap from Screwfix or euro car parts
  7. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    @Rich201060 that’s it I’m chucking the manual and just following these build diaries! Still a weekend of sorting and watching paint dry before I do anything. for a rattle can I’m pretty happy with the first coat
  8. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    First random question. I took the rubber steering shaft plug off of the s2000 and as it’s pretty much my starting point after I paint the underside I’m wondering if I can use it on the westy? I cant measure it up as it’s all masked ready for paint so just looking for random guess work at the moment.
  9. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yep you got me pipes, panels and loom all fitted already. As much as I wanted to build a car from scratch when you weigh up the time it takes to fit all of that vs the price the factory charge it was a no brainier for me lol. I got the silver service on the first visit but just needed my travel cup topping up today.
  10. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    NEW CAR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An early start and a very clear M6 and I arrived at the factory a little before 9am. A warm welcome from all led to Ian showing why he is surely Tetris champion of the world and the kit was safely packed in the van. Well nearly all of the kit. The diff is stuck in a container somewhere and the coolant pipes are in the jigs. Not a bad result seeing how many bits there are. Won’t need them just yet anyway. ( pic taken prior to body work, saving that reveal for a later date) A quick brew and battle scar display with @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd (He makes a cracking brew). Then an extremely tentative drive back up the M6 finished with nearly being blown off Thelwall Viaduct and it’s safely back home and unpacked. The kids even got a quick test drive to cheer them up. Apparently it is a rubbish car at the moment lol. so now it’s time for the build diary to become an actual build diary. chassis ready for a touch of underside protection over the weekend whilst I sort through parts and day 1 of build should be Monday! Wish me luck!
  11. Si.Dalziel

    Required items for kit collection

    I had thought about this and will be taking a charger to make sure the phone has plenty of power for pics.
  12. Si.Dalziel

    Required items for kit collection

    Now I asked last week and was told it’s all “due” in on time. No surprise phone calls today to advise that it isn’t ready. Was a bit shocked so sent a quick email to see if it’s all ok. Apparently so! Lets see what tomorrow brings. @IanK (Bagpuss) the wallet is next to useless after paying the final balance and Xmas shopping lol.
  13. As the title suggests I’m after advice on any extra items that would be handy to take with me to collect my kit. I’m going in a Luton van and have some tie down straps and rope to help secure the larger items. Do I need some old blankets/duvets/extra bubble wrap?????? Collection date is tomorrow so I probably left this a little late but any tips would be greatly appreciated
  14. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yes that’s the main reason for its removal
  15. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    They are coming from America as it was half the price of any Uk dealer even with shipping and it’s not like I’m in a massive rush. took the sump off and all looks nice and clean not planning on checking the bearings out at this point.

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