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    Thanks all I've just found a gearbox extension in the box of parts that came with the car - so looks like this will be the solution that I needed Pity to hear that options for other boxes on the narrow are so limited though
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    Hi I have a narrow body SEI fitted with a Zetec 2.0 and a 5 speed type 9 gearbox The position of the stick on the type 9 is ridiculous, and my plan for the car is for it to be a "comfortable" (yet fun) tourer, so would ideally like to put the 6 speed RX8 gearbox it it - will this fit into a narrow without modifying the trans tunnel or chassis? I had a MK3 MX-5 a few years ago, and this had the best gear change I've experienced on a car, assume the RX8 box is very similar Are there any other boxes that would fit a narrow? I have a 4 speed box too, but that's not going to be any good for touring Thanks

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