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  1. For Sale £18,995 onoWestfield SeI – Vauxhall 2-Litre (270Hp) - Competition Car* *Please note that this car is not currently road registered/road legal A highly competitive and light car in any speed, sprint or race series, with a serious kick of power Proven car that holds the current under 2 litre Class record at Gurston Down (31.41 sec),and will be immediately competitive in any Speed series. Gurston Down Hillclimb Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaSDkP9f6Xs First in class and 13th overall at Brighton Speed Trials 2016 Numerous other 1st place trophies and awards over the last 4 years The Engine has done less than 1 hr competition running since last rebuild This Westfield could be converted by the new owners, to full race spec with minimal changes and/or made road legal if required Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/westfieldforsale/ SPEC Lightweight high grade T45 steel chassis, ultra lightweight fibre-glass bodywork. All steel 2.0 Vauxhall Red Top (c20xe|) engine. by Tom New/New Techniques and dyno tested at 270 BHP with 8 injectors, 2012: new cams and new wiring loom DTA S-80 Pro ECU with full data logging, launch control and traction control Alloy fuel tank, pump, filter and Goodridge hoses & fittings. Quaife 4-speed alloy case gearbox with 60mph first gear (using 4.7 ratio differential) Rocket Box. Strengthened and reinforced Diff mount to take the power on high grip hillclimb starts Up-rated driveshafts (new westfiield type) to take the power on high grip hillclimb starts Tran-X plate limited slip differential (English) Wilwood Dynalite front calipers fitted to light weight alloy front uprights. High quality rose joint suspension throughout. Protech single-adjustable dampers. All wishbones powder coated. Willans 6-point harness. Custom made rear suspension allowing rear tracking with wheels fitted at normal ride height. Full stainless Simpson dyno tested exhaust and silencer box. Wheels are 8x13 on the front and 10.5 x 13 on the rear. Car comes with 4 slick tyres/wheels and 4 wet tyres/wheels. 2 sets of spare scrub slicks for testing Spare prop shaft (new/unused) FIA Registered roll cage Newly resprayed and fitted nose cone to remove stone chips 2 spare carbon fibre bonnets and scuttle (used)
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