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  1. Andy M

    Small in car toolkits

    Thanks. Annoying but just one of those things to sort out I suppose. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary Yeah, I think that’s the issue. The OS one on inspection has worked a bit loose too (but not as much as the NS). Will rectify. Cheers for the links, will check them out. I’ve got a full minilite spare on the back so should probably also have some method of fitting it onboard too if I’m going to lug the weight around.
  2. Andy M

    Small in car toolkits

    Hi, Had my first mid-trip hiccup in the car on Saturday. Driving back from getting my XFlow tuned I went into a tight right hander (with a hidden dip) and the NS front wheel bottomed out. Unfortunately it appears the front mount of my clamshell wing had come loose and dropped slightly and as such the tyre grabbed the rolled edge of the wing and ripped it straight off. I'll get that sorted in due course but it raised the point that I haven't got a toolkit in the car yet and I had to wait for a nice guy who passed by in a mobile vehicle servicing van to pull over and lend me the hex drivers I needed to get the half-attached wing off to get home. My plan had always been to buy some appropriate sockets, spanners, etc... and make my own little set and work out a secure storage option, but it struck me that there might be some small suitable kits available to just buy and save me the hassle. Anyone got any recommendations? My plan is to mount them either in the boot space, or possibly behind my seat (as I'm short and have a bit of clearance back there ). Cheers.
  3. Andy M

    VDO oil pressure and fuel gauges and senders

    Water temp gauge and sender sorted
  4. Hi, I'm looking to replace some of the gauges on my XFlow SE with a proper VDO set (see pic below that shows unknown/unbranded existing gauges) as I'm getting a few readings I'm not confident are accurate when the car is running. PARTS REQUIRED VDO oil pressure gauge (5 bar) and matching sender (with warning light) VDO water temp gauge and matching sender - [possibly already sourced but please shout if you have one in case it doesn't come off] VDO fuel gauge and matching sender Let me know what you have and how much you want for it posted. Thanks, Andy
  5. Andy M

    Narrow bodied (duratec ST170) zetec conversion

    Very nice! What sort of cost was the conversion?
  6. Andy M

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Looks like you had a great run out! I had hoped to make it (it would have been my first local club meet) but unfortunately due to some family commitments this weekend I didn't get the harnesses or steering wheel on the car until the late afternoon so had to settle for a little bomb out around Wirral in the evening. I've found a few teething problems that I need to address before doing anything too long distance but hope to get out on a run and meet local members very soon!
  7. Andy M

    Yanny or Laurel?

    Yeah, I pretty much think that's the case. My wife and I were talking about it last night actually and we could hear different versions just by holding a hand partly over the phone speaker, or turning it away, etc... to bring out the treble or bass more. Certainly she seemed to hear the 'yanny' more than I could (which is the higher sound) and she generally has more sensitive reactions to higher pitch noises than me (e.g. our son's baby monitor sometimes goes funny and does this high-pitched squeak/buzz which I hardly hear but drives her insane from nearly anywhere round the house). @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary not 100% sure but think I read it was a low quality audio clip from a pronunciation site for the word 'Laurel' and someone listened to it, heard 'yanny' and queried it and it went from there.
  8. Andy M

    Tonneau and tenax fasteners questions

    Did a bit more thinking, measuring-up, planning on this late last night. I agree that I think it's going to be better to stick with tenax both from a hole size point of view and that I think I'm going to need to stretch it fairly tight and think they will hold the tension better than a popper. I'm actually going to add several more fasteners to the setup as I'm going to have a go at doing a bit of customisation on this. Firstly I think the vinyl (is it definitely vinyl, it almost looks a bit canvassy but think that's just the style of material) has dried and shrunk a bit over the years. It 'fits' just about but I think it needs a bit more stretching to make it comfortable. My plan is to use some conditioner/restoring stuff on it (and possibly some colouring dye to bring the black back up nicely) and also apply some heat to make it a bit more pliable. The second thing I'm planning is adding some midway fasteners so I can effectively tension the boot cover section independent of the front zipped sections. The third thing is I'm considering adding a vinyl strap with a popper to the middle of each side which will allow me to roll the cover back over the harnesses and attach them there. A few scamps below that I did to get my head around the plan...
  9. Andy M


    I saw this too. My car is thankfully pretty clean rust wise but the donor axle/diff does has some surface corrosion I want to attend to. As it stands my plan is to brush down, kurust, paint and then ACF 50.
  10. Andy M

    Tonneau and tenax fasteners questions

    Any other input on this? Something I wondered today was if the tenax style studs might be a bit problematic around door areas, etc... (e.g. catching a leg or clothes when climbing in and out). Going to measure up tonight but now considering just going for riveted push studs throughout and removing the tenax buttons from the cover (has anyone done this? how much of a mess does it leave?). Cheers.
  11. Andy M

    Tonneau and tenax fasteners questions

    @corsechris Thanks. The rivnut into FG was worrying me a bit. I've already found one used for the dash that has come free and slightly cracked the edge of the hole in doing so, so the idea of it being pulled laterally by a cover in wind does make me wonder if they might not be the best idea. Will check out the base plates, not sure I want that much metal on show when the cover is off so may also look at using something like flanged nuts and washer either side of the FG and just bolting them in?
  12. Andy M

    Tonneau and tenax fasteners questions

    Also... am I right that 2BA bolts can go into a metric M5 nut?
  13. Hi, I've just picked up a tonneau cover to fit my SE narrow and it has a number of button fasteners on already. Checking these on the fasteners already on my windscreen (from a hood) they match-up so I'm pretty sure they are the 'tenax' 2BA mentioned in the old SE build manual I've found. However, my car also has 3 normal push stud buttons on from a previous hood installation but they are in the wrong place. My options really are: Remove the existing body push studs, drill and use tenax fasteners in line with the existing tonneau fasteners. Utilise the existing push studs and move/replace the tenax buttons on the cover with push studs to line up (although not 100% sure if this will work anyway based on the way the tonneau will need to lie compared with the old hood setup) My gut feeling is the former and use new tenax studs to allow me to leave the cover as is (and also maintain the semi-retro look I'm going for) and then and drill all the new holes I need (I will have to do some anyway as there is only those 3 existing ones I've mentioned) and then just leave, patch-up or cover the old holes. However, if I go down that route I also need to think about how to actually attach the tenax to the body. Is it best to go for a tenax/bolt combo and just tighten them onto the shell, or go down the rivnut route so the tenax can just screw straight in? Some rivnuts have been used on other bits of the body (such as the screws to secure the boot) so it would be consistent. I just haven't ever used them before so don't know how easy/hard they are to fit properly? Thoughts, advice, comments? Thanks, Andy P.S. A couple of image references... the tonneau in question with the 'buttons', and a photo of the assumed 'tenax' that I've found on my windscreen that those buttons seem to work fairly well with. Confirmation would be good though.
  14. Andy M

    Posting in the right place

  15. Hi, Planning to begin work on my Westie very soon. I’m not doing loads to it to start with (it’s in great condition already) but will be working on the interior, softbits, few cosmetic bits, etc initially and then seeing where else things lead over time. My plan is to document it as I go but as it isn’t really a ‘build’ or ‘rebuild’ project per se I wasn’t sure if ‘Build Diaries’ was the right place for it? Let me know. Cheers.

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