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  1. David G

    2.1 pinto narrow body 143bhp

    Maroon front wings carbon fibre bonnet gloss black interior and hood black Dusts everything gets left behind by nothing leaves you laughing
  2. I have my 24yr old 2.1 pinto that I’m open to offers on £7k spent 8 yrs ago on the enigine rebuild/swap which took it from the standard 90+bhp to 150bhp, I’ts running 144bhp today and has covered 5k miles since the rebuild an impressive full book of detail and receipts from build available to go through i am not a mechanic, I’ve not tracked the car, I have done around 3000 miles in my ownership and had it serviced and tuned by a recomemded pinto specialist It’s up for consideration/sales as i just won’t take it out in the rain or wet as it’s never been in these conditions I love this car, as do the kids, I know I should tuck it away for the summer days but I want a toy that I can use all year round rain or shine So, if you want a great car, powerful engine that’s been well looked after, has no issues, needs nothing and has had the money spent on it already to make it reliable then get in touch if you’re bored and think you know more than me and have no money but just want to come and look or take a test ride in the passenger seat then you’re more than welcome... all’s imask is you be homest so I don’t waste my time. I love sharing the fun with this car so it’s ok with me if we’re just out having fun get in touch Crazy Dave located Chester 07776215878 Dave
  3. As above After a boot cover, any options considered Many thanks Dave
  4. David G

    5x alloys wheel et38 4 108

    Are these still available? where are you located? thanks Dave
  5. David G

    New HT Leads Ford EDIS Ignition Module

    Arh thanks Chris but purchased new ones mate literally an hour ago! Appreciate you looking for me though Dave
  6. Afternoon all i have one of my leads keep popping off and it has no grab to it so needs replacing i have the Ford EDIS ignition module apparently (I’m no mechanic at all!) but I can’t seem to find anywhere that has these leads any ideas? thanks Dave
  7. David G

    Boot cover

    Thanks for looking
  8. David G

    2mm thick stainless Westfield new style badge

    Any more of these available?
  9. David G

    Boot cover

    Did you have any joy finding this? thanks Dave
  10. David G

    Boot cover

    Wanted: boot cover for a narrow body thanks Dave
  11. David G


    Being a much shorter chap this suits my size by the way
  12. David G


    Bought it chaps! got it for a great price after some haggling. drives very well and I’m not disappointed at all. will be a good starter for me, looking forward to a proper run out through some twisties. no doubt I’ll come across some bits that need attention but nothing stood out. Improvements.. upgrades... new boxes of shiny bits will be the order of the day looking forward to a meet soon
  13. David G


    Thanks all, appreciate the help/guidance will hopefully have found a peach not lemon Dave
  14. Thanks all, appreciate the help/guidance Dave
  15. David G


    Hi all Dave here from Chester just looking at getting my first Westie and possibly completing a purchase this weekend all going well (advice on the below/attached link would be great) I’ve had a few quick cars/toys and bikes but now looking at some two seat fun for the good old north wales/snowdonia play area The below link is for an eBay car which I’m seeing Saturday so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated Mant thanks Westfield SE Vulcan Engineering built 2.1 Pinto Twin 40's LSD kit car, Caterham https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253441798762

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