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  1. Sadly not available. Have fun Lee
  2. keirik

    Before & After Photos

    When I purchased from toybox in March this year And now
  3. keirik

    Paint colour

    Wrap it or ad some decals I used individual white square decals. No stealing my design though :-)
  4. keirik

    Ford Zetec Blacktop - Oil Breather

    I bought a catch tank similar to that but in the end just used the filter on the end of the cam cover breather and it's been fine since. It's totally non restrictive just stops sprayed oil. I only ever had anything coming out during a 3 hour session on the Millbrook handling circuit (so 3 hours of high speed right hand bends) so it's just there to stop the engine bay getting a mess if it happens again.
  5. keirik

    exhaust mount

    Interestingly my bracket is the otherway up so compresses the rubber. It did come apart but superglue has put it back together and so far has held for a couple of hundred miles
  6. keirik

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Thx Jeff. I'll do that. Lee
  7. keirik

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Damn. How come I've just seen this? Must learn to look more carefully! Have fun out there.
  8. keirik

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    New colour scheme, about to head to Oulton Park last week
  9. would have loved to join you, but off to the oulton park family day, ultimatecarmeets display
  10. keirik

    Midlands Breakfast Club

    Thanks Kev but on the nwkcog stand at the family event at Oulton
  11. keirik

    Dig custom ear plugs

    real custom plugs are great but never had anything but failure with the diy versions. could just be my incompetence though Lee
  12. keirik

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Great drive everyone. Thanks. I also made it to kev's in time so am now sporting nice shiny new cycle wings. Looking forward to the next drive. Lee
  13. keirik

    Led side repeaters

    Thanks very much. Just what I needed to hear!
  14. keirik

    Led side repeaters

    the car is currently running conventional indicators with led repeaters. I'm beginning to think i can just swap them for other led repeaters and it should be ok. its a 2016 car so suspect as you say, that the loom is already built to match the lighting systems they sell thx Lee
  15. keirik

    Led side repeaters

    I'll DM you

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