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  1. keirik

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    different engine (zetec) but I bought one after a day at Millbrook covered the bottom of my car with oil. The zetec only seems to dump oil if you're going eound clockwise for a couple of hours! I didnt fit it though, I just used the filter it came with and connected that directly. It has no restrictions but stops any oil going anywhere. It's still clean, but I'd have thought you'd only need the catch tank if there was any volume coming out
  2. keirik

    Alignment settings

    as per my post above I used the westfield-world alignment settings on my SEIW and it's perfect for the road. Now every car is unique, but I'd say they are a damn good starting p[oint to get a stable set up from which you can experiment. I didnt set up the suspension though just the alignment, and I'd suggest you need to get the suspension done first.
  3. keirik

    Geo set up - what to look for

    after asking for help on here, I too got loads of help and numbers to use, then took them to my local laser place. Using their knowledge of their equipment and the knowledge gained here and on the westfield-world site on how to make the mods we took the plunge together. 3 hours later (2.5 for the rear, 30 minutes for the front) I had a car that now steers on rails and is so much better. I think they charged me £90, because "thats our standard price, some we win some we lose on how long it takes", and "we now know how to do a westfield, so that helps us in the future too" All in all a very good experience, I learnt a lot getting involved, and that coupled with the price they did for 4 new boots meant I came out with a transformed car for just over £300. So whilst a westfield expert might have done it quicker and better (though not being a track driver I doubt I'd notice) , I didnt have to wait 3 months to get booked in (my other option), and I didnt have to drive 300 miles.
  4. keirik

    CTEK Battery charging. during storage?

    I use an optimate that I've had since I was a biker, basically does same job as ctek. However as I'm paranoid I've also got it on a socket timer, so it only charges an hour per day. Not sure if having it permanently connected is a bad thing but my last battery deteriorated quite quickly so trying this alternate solution.
  5. keirik

    So..............Tyres again..................

    Jist gone from toyo proxes (appalling) to uniroyal rainsport 3s. Great road tyres in wet and dry.
  6. It's amazing the difference you can make with a bit of vinyl wrap and some time
  7. keirik

    oil from crankcase filter

    After a day on the Millbrook handling track with my zetec westy the bottom of the car was covered in oil from the breather, but doesnt lose any oil under normal driving conditions. I fitted a filter like yours and so far it's been dry as a bone, not worried about it since
  8. keirik

    headlight bulb

    thank you chaps.
  9. keirik

    headlight bulb

    apologies for the dumb question but I'm away from my car and cant look. I have a 2016 seiw with 5 3/4 headlight. Do I need H4 or H7 bulbs? thx
  10. keirik

    Hello from Essex

    welcome to the club. I'm in Leigh on Sea, although for complicated family reasons my car is in Chester!
  11. keirik

    dumb question about headlight wiring

    The general consensus on here seems to be the loss of amps doing it that way, so was looking at using the relays to reduce the losses
  12. keirik

    dumb question about headlight wiring

    Yep sorry I meant cut the cable from the switch to the lamp, not cut the power TO the switch :-)
  13. keirik

    dumb question about headlight wiring

    So if I'm reading that correctly, all I need to do is cut the power cabe from the switch and connect the relays in between, then run a power feed to the relays? Cool. Even I should be able to do that without cocking it up.
  14. keirik

    dumb question about headlight wiring

    Thx TableLeg!
  15. keirik

    Rubbish headlights

    Thanks Ian

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