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  1. Thanks again Maurici, very fast car... sounds amazing too. I'll be in touch over the next day or two
  2. I have a mate with a transporter but he can’t do it until end of May... will only be £150 with him but ideally I’d like to take it away the same day!
  3. All thanks for the comments! I do appreciate everyone’s time... I’ve now secured the car so just got to head down test drive it, make sure I’m happy and then somehow make it back up. Does anyone one know any decent trailer hire companies? Also is there anybody who is well known on the forum local to Cardiff / Bridgend?
  4. I feel a real hatred for EBC here... whats your preference for pads then? Or dare I ask?
  5. Ah, this seems a shame. I would be looking to fit a full cage most likely, a flat shifter and then just review then... Would you say this is a real concern or just needs a few bits tinkering... Hm understood, I suppose a test drive would be needed to see... Yes it was John's car and he built it. I believe the current owner bought it off John as that's what he said. Sounds like a great car then albeit with a few a few mods since.
  6. Great, engine had a full rebuild around 150 miles ago. Was a little wary of it being turbo’d but it actually looks as though these engines turbo’d can be pretty reliable. Do you think the asking price is good? I’d love an s2000 but funds just don’t permit. What do you think to the price?
  7. A1243R

    Westfield FOUND

    Rob, please send me details.
  8. Hi All, I never actually got to a meet unfortunate due to life throwing its curve balls in. Still been keeping an eye out on cars... nearly bought an MNR s2000 but wasn't happy with it. This has come up for sale and I'm very interested in it... let me know your thoughts please! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Megablade-Turbo-BEC-Non-Q-plate-Pro-built-Carbon-fibre-LSD-track/123122137234?hash=item1caaa6b892:g:N4YAAOSw3pZa8ZS1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uN7oapgTc8
  9. I'm hopefully seeing this car on Friday
  10. What spec is it then mate?
  11. @Deanspoors here we go mate
  12. Thought it would be a good idea to get this thread going... what would be your dream westie? Engine Gearbox Diff Suspension Bodywork Chassis Etc... I'll have to wait to see all yours as I don't know enough about them yet!
  13. Won't make tonight @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary due to work commitments. Hopefully make the next one.
  14. @CosKev it's just registered as a straight MK... 2010 with 1300cc
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