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  1. off work and its a nice day. Mavic drone, go pros and digital camera all charged so I'm off on a north Norfolk (west to east) coastline tour today with a few stops on the way. Hunstanton to Trimmingham & Mundesley cliffs, 11am to 3pm If anyone else is in the area, more than welcome to join/meet up along the way.
  2. Original handbrake that came with complete kit, only fitted for IVA, has done about 100 dry miles. NO SWITCH, NO ADJUSTER hence.... £offers + £5 posting/packing
  3. Original steering wheel that came with complete kit, fitted only for IVA inspection. As new. No steering boss. £35 including postage/packing
  4. Never been fitted to a car, removed from box only once to have a look, absolutely as new. £25 including postage/packing
  5. Likin’ the cover, I need to get one. May I ask where you got this one?
  6. I had similar issues with my bodywork. Regarding the locating ‘blobs’, I took a dremel to them and the corresponding ‘holes’. A little bit at a time. At one point I considered just cutting the blobs off! Sometimes a build up of excess gelcoat in the hole can cause gap issues. Eventually, my arches were quite flush fitting and I simply bolted together without anything between. 150 miles in and I think I may cut a very thin rubber gasket to fit the interfaying surfaces, often getting those grp rubbing noises as the bodywork flexes
  7. Well done mate, feels great to get the engine mounted. Would be a good idea to fit nut covers on your camber adjuster lock nuts on your upper front wish bones AND the tapered rubber sleeves on your wide track steering extensions. Easier now than later dude.
  8. .... and todays addition... go faster stripes that some members may have seen here...
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