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  1. Dean Goodall

    IVA 1st February !

    what does that do?
  2. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    With the rear end pretty much done, time to focus on the front end and for space reasons this required having the car facing the other way round in the garage. Good excuse to move the car under its own power! So, promptly lowered it off the stands and tried it out. Having had few more beers (post maiden voyage) the Mrs and I were a little squiffy and as both seats were now in, we decided to try out sitting in the car together and to continue our brainstorming session to name our Westy. I should explain something before I go any further, one of our favourite movies is 'The Green Mile' and those familiar with the film may recall a scene where the janitor is put in the electric chair during an execution rehearsal. During this practice execution he says things like 'getting clamped', 'getting wired' 'getting strapped in old sparky' which has stuck with the wife I since and during our 'squiffy' efforts to get in the seats we quoted the phrases and both said 'old sparky' at the same time. And so from that moment 'Sparky' is its name!
  3. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    T'was the early evening of December 19th. The day had been spent checking and double checking the car in preparation for an engine start. Engine oil level. check cooling system filled with water. check electrical connections. check fuel hose/lines/pump. check, check, check. sparks plugs removed, engine turned over a few times for ECU and oil pressure indication. check spark plugs refitted. check Fuel level. check. wait.....NO BL@@DY PETROL IN IT!!! Dashed down to the garage with jerry can, 5L of your finest thank you sir. Now, I had previously rinsed out the tank with some petrol prior to fitting so its flushed of any dust debris etc. Promptly decanted the fuel into the tank and set ignition to position 1 to get the pump going, ignition off. Went for a beer in the kitchen. Finished beer, fuel leak checks carried out, none found. winner. Everything still trouble free. So, now its time. Ignition on, we are go for a start. Turned key and the battery has lost its oomph!! not enough power to turn engine now the spark plugs are in. Also probably drained it a bit from me previously dickin' about with lights, heater fan etc and the engine spin before. Not sure if its frowned upon but couldn't resist jumping it from my car. this is what happened!
  4. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Satisfied that there are no water leaks from the heater I was happy to secure the skuttle down. Connected the washer tube. Recommend attaching a length of tube, maybe a foot long to the washer jet with a tie wrap and then join the other end with a one way valve to the hose that goes to the bottle. Gives you a split point should you ever need to remove the skuttle and also prevents any residual fluid dripping out. Had a good look round inside skuttle, checking everything and connected up the dashboard. Ignition on. All lights currently fitted are working, slaved in the front indicators just to test, blinking lovely! fan works, wiper gear boxes moving and parking. All going well, something must go wrong at some point, it surely cant be this trouble free! Time to fit the drivers seat, as with the passenger side, had to file the holes to slots to allow seat to sit nicely. The time to start the engine is looming!!
  5. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Moving on, I wanted to get the engine fired up before xmas so cracked on with fixing in the engine elect connections, fuel pipes etc installed the coolant system, had a look at @Two7's advice on fan and radiator fitting, (almost forgot the horn) then on to the pipes and header tank. Didn't really take that long to do, so swift in fact I didn't think to take any photos of its progress. Before I knew it I'm ready to fill with hot water and test for leaks! NO LEAKS!
  6. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Wheel arches next. both arches needed some action from the dremel, the tub locating......errr.....blobs....needed a fettle to ensure flush mating with the arches. used spring clamps to attach the arches, drilled and bolted. No real dramas there. installed the rear cluster lights and clipped the wires While the boot box is out, fitted the fuel filler, rev and fog lamps
  7. Dean Goodall

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Blimey, early December since last update! Got the tub in place and riveted on. Whilst I had access to inside the rear of tub I began thinking ahead about the spare wheel support bracket, number plate and light wiring and IVA requirement for a 'purpose designed mounting system securely attached'. So, I have a ZK that I want to fit a spare wheel carrier to (post IVA) I need to have the number mount fixed to the body work for the IVA Holes required for the spare wheel 'long bolts' to go through Hole for the number plate wire holes to attach the spare wheel support Didn't want any unnecessary holes purely for the IVA plate so decided to somehow use the hole pattern from the wheel support bracket that will eventually be used anyway. Difficult to explain how so just gonna show the pics. had to drill a hole in the rear of the support bracket to accommodate the light wire. As I am typing this, just noticed that it could do with some protection where is goes through the hole. Post IVA I can remove the plate mount, use existing holes for the 'long wheel bolts' and support bracket bolts, install wheel carrier and plate.
  8. Dean Goodall

    New Zetec - no cover for flywheel?

    yep, gonna do the same
  9. Dean Goodall

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    oh right, cool. bear in mind though, oil may accumulate in the blanked rigid pipe as it has nowhere to go. there is a one way valve fitted at the other end where the pipe exits the breather chamber.
  10. Dean Goodall

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Adge, do these blades fit onto the standard westfield wiper arms or do they require 'fettling'
  11. Dean Goodall

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    just been reviewing your build from start to finish. Did you resolve the open crankcase breather pipe? I think it would be wise to do something with it if you haven't, if only a temporary measure. As it is, I would suspect, even over a short time, it will vent oily mist over your engine bay. On a standard zetec engine this is routed into the air intake plenum, no pipe fitted on yours as you have TB's. Maybe a piece of hose directed to exhaust out overboard below the engine? Wouldn't wanna see oily mist condensing on your lovely carbon panel mate.
  12. Dean Goodall

    New Zetec - no cover for flywheel?

    I noticed the same on my engine. thought at the time it didn't look right, but saw other engines the same so didn't give it any more thought. my engine is in now, gonna bug me now I have seen this post.
  13. Dean Goodall

    FW special edition 2017 new build from a new member

    Whilst in this area of the car, vinyl roof press stud.... exterior projection fail?
  14. Dean Goodall

    FW special edition 2017 new build from a new member

    Dont look like mine will fit..... are they quite a stretch to get on? Warm them up?
  15. Dean Goodall

    6 way lighting connector

    I got these, very happy with them https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01JEMT4JM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B074N51887/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i found them very good for the price six pin available too.

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