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  1. I have downloaded fastR a few months ago but I haven’t used it yet, the one thing that I can see that might be an issue is you need to select a make and model and it doesn’t allow you to create a car.
  2. Hi stu I was in the same boat as you last year unsure what engine to go with, this is the best place to get info to help you choosing a car. I went to the kit car show and seen about every type/choice you can get. Depending where you are, if you’re local to me I can take you out in my car. simon.
  3. I would think you would only need one on the front, just to stop the front of the prop hitting the floor and then possibly snagging the road and then causing the back end of the car getting spun round or even flipped, One in the middle or at the rear I would think it still would hit the ground and do the same.
  4. Not to sure how much room you have but I have used two small self tapping screws (make sure they are not too big or you will damage the housing) screw them partly into the seal opposite each other and then you can get two pairs of grips onto the screw heads and pull out the old seal. I have done this removing crank seal and can seals.
  5. I was thinking of getting workshop floor paint (borrowed from work) when Im lying on the floor I get covered in dust.
  6. Hi everyone, after having a bit of a tidy up in the garage this afternoon I started to think about painting the wall and the floor, for three reasons. 1) to make the man cave look nice. 2) to reduce the dust that build up on the Westfield, I have found after washing it I get it out a week later and it’s covered in dust from were the wind blows under the door blowing the concrete dust everywhere. 3) gets me away from the crap that the other half watches on TV. The issue is when I was talking to her in doors about my idea her response was “why it’s a waist of time and it just a garage” Which upset me. So just wanted to know how many have or haven’t painted there man/woman cave.
  7. Spent the day doing them outdoor jobs that needed doing as the weather is nice and tomorrow I’m hoping to finish off the little tinkering that I had started on the Westfield 2 month ago. I hope to be out soon.
  8. If you do need to remove them you could drill the out which will leave you with needed to replace them with new ones or bolts if your no to fussed about security, or you can with a little care to get a dot punch and knock the bolt around and you can refit the the same way.
  9. I should be off work, so if I remember I will be there. Probably not in the Westfield.
  10. Always like a Ozzy man review.
  11. The last yellow one (Y787AAM)is sorn and mot’d till March and it’s had a mot every year.
  12. If that show there ideas, they need to sit in A dark room with no windows and have a chat with there self, what a pile of s##t.
  13. Not sure if it’s good or bad but my other half will not get in my Westfield, but if she did then I will probably be having the same type of passenger and conversation.
  14. I didn’t see that Tim, but will stick it back on and see how it goes on the second charge. It did put a charge in the battery because it did start the car this afternoon. Cheers for the the tip, I must start reading all of the manual and not just parts of it .
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