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  1. Seven Heaven

    Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    It was good to meet you all yesterday, I certainly learnt a lot over the course of the day and thank you for the passenger rides in your Westfields. I can't wait until next time and hopefully some better weather!
  2. Seven Heaven

    Ford rant......

    I agree that cars are designed to encourage you to take them back to the dealers. We have a BMW mini and we need to change the battery, however if you do that yourself then you risk all the computers in the car losing their memory and you cant start the car until you take it back to the dealer to plug in their computer.... However I wouldn't say that those socket sizes are particularly unusual, pretty much all socket sets contain every socket from 8-19mm without gaps. The only socket that is unusual is the T50 which I also had to buy when changing the brakes on the BMW mini. The torque fitting does fit more securely and take more torque than a standards philips screw head so I can understand why they use it for engineering reasons. I would however advise you to double check the torque required on the rear carrier bolts as 120nm sounds like a lot for a 15mm socket. I changed the brakes on our BMW Mini after watching a Youtube video and the video told me the wrong torque setting. The bolts used the same size socket on the rear as the front which was about 100nm so I didn't question it but the rears required a lower torque and I sheared them. Meant a trip to the dealer for replacement bolts . We then bought the Haynes manual which put me straight but it meant we had no car for a day or two. The moral of the story is don't rely on you tube for torque settings...
  3. Seven Heaven

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    I am really interested in this aswell as I am trying to decide whether to go down this route or stick with a Duratec, a quick question if I may, does the Vitesse Sigma conversion for the Gearbox straighten the engine up or is it still set at a 10 degree angle to the gearlever so that the engine is tilted to 10 degrees?
  4. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    Well that makes my decision easy now then if it won't fit in either style. FW style rear with the V8 style bonnet up front.
  5. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    Thanks, that looks like it will be sufficient for a small bag along with the emergency stuff you mention. I was hoping that it would be big enough to store a full face helmet as well as I am planing on going for a full roll cage. So until someone comes up with a weatherkit that works with a windscreen and full cage I will also go with the aero screen and accept I will get wet if it rains. That means a full face helmet and I would like to be able to leave the helmet with the car when I am out and about. It doesn't look quite big enough for that though. But I agree I think the FW looks great, especially in that blue!
  6. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    Thank you for your responses but this forum is clearly going to be a bad influence . I started out thinking I wanted a Full Zetec Kit with around 150 - 170BHP, to try and keep costs and difficulty of build within my grasp. However having read some of the excellent build threads here I'm now contemplating whether to try and go down the starter kit route with a used Ecoboost engine and try to build a Sport 250! Time for a reality check I think. It's my first build and I don't have the knowledge that you all clearly have to be able to source the parts I need that way. I think I will probably try and go down the Duratec route though to avoid future issues with emmisions. I'm not sure if a standard 2.0 Duratec (fiesta ST150 engine) will go in with its original injection, or whether throttle bodies will be required, as that will save me quite a bit of cash, further research required. It would also mean I could start out with about 150bhp, then once I've learnt how to handle that I can add TB's later to get 200bhp. The other advantage over Zetec is that there appears to be plenty of options for more power after that, although I don't think my driving ability could handle more that 200BHP. Anyway, I clearly need to get to a meet and have a look at some of the cars first hand to answer some of my questions. Does anyone know when the next meet in the North West will be so that I can tag along? Also final question from me, does anyone have any pictures of the storage space in the FW rear? I like the styling of it but does is sacrifice what little storage space the standard rear has?
  7. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    I read the IVA thread last night, a little worrying. So that got me looking into Duratecs as an option and they would appear to be within my budget if I go for a used one off ebay. So the question is now what else would I need to fit it? Type 9 gearbox with bellhousing or Mazda MX5 MK3 gearbox appear to be the two options. I presume it wont fit with its standard injection and I will need to buy Throttle bodies, in which case will it still pass emissions? Also which model of Westfield would I then need to order? I was looking at the special editions, but presume I would need to go for a starter kit instead?
  8. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    Thanks, I was not expecting so many responses so quickly. It's obviously a friendly atmosphere here. So to answer some of the questions my budget is £20k for the car with a further £5k for tools, iva testing and contingency etc to get it on the road. I will get along to a local meet, I believe there are two in my area but I presume (possibly wrongly) that a lot of cars are only on the road over the summer months so I guess April is the best time to go? The main reason I want a Westfield is because I want to build a car, I want to learn how it all goes together and I want the satisfaction of knowing that I have built it. I also see it as a learning exercise both in how to build a car but also how to drive it when its finished. Beyond that it gets more difficult as I want conflicting things. I want a full cage with either the Sport turbo or JK composite seats and racing harness' as I will be doing track days. However I also want it to be road legal and I don't really want to have to wear a helmet all the time so a windscreen and side doors would be good but not compatible with a cage. (although I am following a thread on here of people adapting doors to fit around a cage). If I could afford to build a 250 then I would love to, and I haven't ruled it out but tbh as a first build I don't feel confident enough that I know what I am looking at to buy a used engine to get it to within my budget. So I think that kind of rules out the 250 and S2000 options for me. My thinking was to build the Special edition and then upgrade as and when I know what I want/need. Hence my original question regarding which options are considered essential to have and which ones can easily be added at a later date.
  9. Seven Heaven

    Hello - Newbie questions

    Hello everyone. I have just signed up as I am planning on building a Westfield this year and have been reading these forums to research the car. I'm in the process of building a shed so that I can clear the garage out and I am aiming to order a kit after the Stoneleigh Kit car show. So far I am looking at the Zetec Special Edition, simply because this will be my first ever kit car and I am hoping this is the easiest approach. Having just read a rather unfavourable review of the Sport 250 in the mainstream press regarding poor handling and braking, I would be grateful for your advice on which options I need to tick when ordering to make sure that my car does not suffer the same issues. From the research I have done so far my proposed spec is as follows. Zetec 2.0 with Throttle bodies 170BHP Wide Track Suspension Track Day Shock's (I assume these are the protecs) Quick Rack? (not sure if this is necessary or not?) 13" Wheels with Toyo R888r 185 front and 205 rear (in the hope that these are more progressive than 15") LSD - I was thinking of not bothering with this to keep the initial build costs down and installing it later if necessary. Is that feasible or is it difficult to change once the bodywork goes on? Allow for a professional to set up the suspension when its all finished Any advice will be gratefully received on any other options that I should ideally order at the outset. Thanks Richard

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