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  1. Colsum

    Clan McWesty Christmas lunch

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make this meet but would appreciate if I could be added to mailing list for outcomes and any future events as I regularly forget to check forum - col.sum100@gmail.com
  2. Not going to make run tomorrow. Was out tonight and car is running like a burst A***. Well down on power. Seems to be a fueling issue but haven’t manage to diagnosed it yet. Don’t want to risk it. Enjoy. Weather looks good.
  3. Colsum

    Clan McWesty Eyemouth 19th August

    I won't make eyemouth this weekend. We are having a family fun day at Rolls Royce Inchinnan on Saturday 11-4. As part of the family fun day a number of employees, friends and associates are bringing their cars along and putting on a bit of a car show. At the moment its looking like approx. 80 cars in attendance including classics, hot rods, muscle cars etc, so if anyone is at a loose end it would be good to see some Westie's. If anyone is interested let me know and I will confirm details.
  4. Hi Brad, After all the time and effort you have went to it would be a shame to waste it on 4 or 5 cars, particularly as I'm sure to get lost anyway. I would postpone to another time that would hopefully achieve a better turnout. Like the idea of having a camp at the end of it, hopefully with multi regions involved. Colin.
  5. Hope you all have a good weekend and the weathers kind. Drive safely and drink wisely.......Ok drive safe at least.
  6. No probs. I'm just up in Holytown.
  7. Hoping to make this one. Will meet at Abington Services.
  8. Colsum

    LIDL - tools on offer

    Lidl doing an electronic oil extraction pump. Just purchased one for gearbox after adding wrong oil to type 9, although haven't tried it yet. Got to worth a go at £13.

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