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  1. ROBBIE180

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th July

    Hi, yeah I’ll be coming ! what time start and place??
  2. ROBBIE180

    Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Thanks for organising to both the Kev’s. Really enjoying being part of this club now, this was my first weigh in as I’ve only had the westie since November. Hoping to soak up more knowledge from everyone involved.
  3. ROBBIE180

    Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Hello Kev, yep, I can make it.... newbie Rob.
  4. ROBBIE180

    Five 15" alloys for sale

    I have five. 6.5x15 team dynamics alloy wheels for sale, no marks, scratches or curb damage. The tyres are still like new having covered 2800miles. BUT... the tyres are old from 2003. £200. Buyer collects. I'm in Essex.
  5. ROBBIE180

    Lower floor panels!

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm gonna have to get measuring me thinks...
  6. ROBBIE180

    Lower floor panels!

    I did watch that episode the other night... and they have the panels for sale on the Caterham site. bet there's no chance of them fitting a Westfield!
  7. ROBBIE180

    Lower floor panels!

    Hi Mark really just wanted the panels to buy.... I'll have to speak to the guys you mentioned in Maldon. Do you know if there is any diagrams available that these panels could be made from? thanks
  8. ROBBIE180

    Lower floor panels!

    Hello everyone, where's the best place to get lower floor panels?? for a wide body 2003 SEI cheers Rob.
  9. ROBBIE180


    I’ll have another look... : )
  10. ROBBIE180


    Yeah, definitely 6.5j X 15
  11. ROBBIE180


    The car is a modular build!
  12. ROBBIE180


    I must have the only set of team dynamics without the offset stamped on the back .....
  13. ROBBIE180


    Hello, yes I only want to go wider
  14. ROBBIE180


    Hi, this has probably been asked loads before.... looking to change alloys and maybe go bigger. Would 7x15 with 205/50/15 tyres fit? At the moment I have 6.5x15 with 195/50/15 tyres. I’ve worked out the ET value to be 38. I’ve measured the front wheel guards and they are 220 mm wide on the inside. The car is a 2003 sei 1800 model. Cheers for any help Rob.

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