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  1. George Heighway

    Westfield se narrow 1700cc crossflow

    Hi peter, I’m 6’2” And a large build (17.5 stone) and I can get in and out ok but if I’m honest on longer drives I do start to ache! I had a quick release kit put on and that bought the steering wheel up towards me a nice amount so my knees now clear the wheel but before it was a no go being this tall! Hope this helps. George
  2. George Heighway

    Westfield se narrow 1700cc crossflow

  3. Hi, bit of a desperate plea. Really struggling to find a master cylinder for me westy. Tried burton motorsport but they have stopped stockig this type. I’m not too clued up on this kind of thing but if I attach some photos hopefully you can help me find one/sell one to me. Cheers
  4. Hi, just gauging interest really regarding my Westfield. She’s a 1992 se narrow body with a tuned 1700cc crossflow. The body work is in good order for a 26 year old car with some very slight bubbling on the bonnet from the engine/exhaust manifold, and on the rear of the car there’s some slight fading around where the spare wheel would sit on the hanger, the odd scuff from the harness falling out the car etc but other than that she is very tidy. Original swept wings which seem to be a rarity nowadays and look pretty smart, interior is in good shape also with 2 leather seats, willans 4 point harnesses and omp quick release steering wheel. I have two sets of wheel and tyres for her as well. The wheels on the car at the minute are a set of immaculate jbw compomotive 13” chrome minilite replicas with Yokohama a539 all round (all very good tread, only a couple months old, with 1 unused spare) I also have the ally cat 13” minilite wheels which came with the car (5 wheels in good condition, just some bubbling of the paint) and then another 4x Yokohama a539 low profile unused tyres. Car handles great with these tyres and the spax suspension all round. List of all the parts are as follows. MOT until December this year 1700cc crossflow, big valve head, high lift cam, twin Webber’s (150bhp) limited to 7500rpm with a dta management box which also has fully functioning launch control (4500rpm) 4 speed rocket box English live axle spax suspension all round stack rev counter omp steering wheel (quick release) Wet weather gear (hood and doors) Spare repackable exhaust silencer (for track days etc) 4 x jbw compomotive minilites with 5x yoko a539 5 x ally cat 13” minilites 4 x unused yoko a539 (lower profile) push button start vintage steel number plates it’s a quick little car and only reason I’m thinking of selling is to buy my first house but I’m in no way desperate to part with it and will probably regret doing so. ** £5995** is roughly where I want to be. silly offers will be ignored but sensible offers will be considered. Sure I’ve missed bits out here and she really is a well sorted Westfield. Any questions please ask. Based in Devon. It’s a very well put together car and the person who built it was obviously very passionate about it which is reflected in the engine and chassis build only thing that I can see that needs tidying really is the wiring!
  5. George Heighway


    Hi, I’m after some replacement carpet/interior for the footwell And tunnel walls of my narrow body. Ideally brown or something that would match tan leather seats. Thanks in advance
  6. **readvertising** 5x ally cat minilites 13". Good round condition but if you were looking for mint wheels these aren't the ones as the are some signs of bubbling, kurbing marks etc. Will clean all wheels and post proper photo. Ford 108 4 stud fitment. Can't see et but hub flange to inside of wheel is 100mm. These can come with 4 x new Yokohama low profile tyres for the right price. Have never been used on the road. One has scuff marks on tyre. Yokohama 175/50R13 72V any questions please get in touch
  7. George Heighway

    SOLD Set of 13" CXR's 7" & 9" in Black

    Do you have any photos cheers. And guessing no tyres? Thanks
  8. George Heighway

    Spare wheel brace and 13" spare wheel cover

    Yeah I've got the bracket already welded to the chassis just didn't know if there was a bolt kit or what have you that would secure it back. thanks for your help
  9. I'm after something to tie my spare wheel down on my westie. There's a by the looks of it m10 thread in the back of the car and a support for the wheel to sit on but there isn't anything to actually thread in. Hoping that someone on here may have what I need and be willing to sell on? Also I'm after a 13" spare tyre cover if anyone can help. Can get them on eBay but whilst I'm on here may as well ask. Thanks
  10. George Heighway

    Quick release steering wheel

    Hi, just bought my first Westfield. It's a 1992 Se narrow and I'm looking at fitting a quick release steering wheel to make getting my 6'2" self in and out of the car a little easier. Only trouble I'm having is finding out what shaft has been fitted, been told by previous owner it's almost certainly a ford shaft. Are the boss' universal and will fit any steering shaft? Or will I have to find out exactly what make it is and then order a boss accordingly. Thanks p.s. I don't have any photos of the shaft at the minute but if needed I can get some.
  11. George Heighway

    Westfield value

    Thanks for most of the input. Was mainly gauging value for insurance purposes but also so I had a rough idea. I put value as £7000 and didn't want to be caught out if something happened as I know insurance companies will obviously try to pay out as little as they can if something happened. The main thing is I'm going to get out in it as much as I can and I'm very happy with it so just got to wait for the sunny weather now. Thanks
  12. George Heighway

    Westfield value

    Hi, just bought a Westfield and was wondering what's it's worth roughly. It's a 1992 se with a 1600cc crossflow that's been bored to 1700cc with high lift cam, big valve head, twin webers, English axle, 4 speed rocket gearbox, stainless 4-1 exhaust. Has stack limiter with launch control option and has a DTA management box fitted. Very good condition and hasn't had a hard life at all, couple of marks on the to paint as you'd expect with a 25 year old car. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks

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