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  1. The foam I used was 50mm x 1mm thick. I had originally used 3mm but it was too thick. If you search on Ebay for ‘EVA single side sponge foam 1mm’ you will find it. I wasn’t sure about ordering from Hong Kong ( there dont seem to be any uk sellers) but delivery was fine.
  2. I used self adhesive foam between the side panel and the bonnet to tidy the area up. I bought my catches from JJC Race and Rally - their service was fine.
  3. Cheers. It took a lot of time to fit them but was very satisfying to do.
  4. My first post but finally something I know a little about !! The aero catches are not easy to fit but are more than worth the effort in my opinion. I was worried about not getting a good fit so after putting masking tape on the bonnet I used double sided carpet tape on the ‘ring’ that the catch would bolt to on normal cars and stuck it to the outside of the bonnet. The ring was a very snug fit to the catch and stuck very securely to the bonnet. After cutting the shape out roughly with a disk I was able to use a sanding drum on the dremel and carefully sand down flush to the ring. I found this was much easier than trying to work to a pen line as the ring was a perfect template. With a bit of care I was happy with the result ! John
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