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  1. hi paul sent return message to you on phone let me now payment details
  2. hi i will have it give me a bell 07904044521 with price and how you want to be paid or leave your no and i will bell you cheers ken
  3. hi welcome from ken in liverpool
  4. ken 16


    hi keith whats the least you would take will have to get headrests cut inn
  5. ken 16


    and has it got headrests cut outs
  6. ken 16


    hi is it for a wide body
  7. ken 16

    Zetec catch can

    i want to fit catch can 18 zetec silver top set upp i have is rubber pipe from rocker and small pipe other side off engine do you fit a y piece to pipes and in to can or one pipe in to can and outlet back to pipe on side off engine also what can would be sutable
  8. were our the misab plates located
  9. ken 16

    gear box oil

    just changed gearbox oil ford type 9 gearbox with 75 80 gear oil will that be ok
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